2003 Race Results

Note to readers: The information on this page was written in 2003. Unfortunately, over time, news sources will remove older articles, so you will find a number of dead-end links here, but all of the photos and information we wrote at the time remains in full!

Henley 2003

Full coverage of the Men's Varsity 8 victory in the Ladies' Plate at Henley (and fastest time at the 2003 Henley Royal Regatta in all events) - the first victory for Washington in the Ladies' Plate since 1981 - Henley 2003

NCAA Women's National Championships


From the Seattle Times 6/2/03:  The Seattle Times: Sports: UW women finish third; WWU second in Division II

From the Seattle P-I 6/2/03:  Huskies' crew dethroned

Here's the GoHuskies article:  UW Women Collect Third-Place Team Trophy at NCAA Regatta :: Huskies' varsity eight finishes fourth, second varsity places second - more information as it comes in...

Update 10:15 a.m. pdt:  Harvard has won the varsity event;  Washington has placed fourth.  Harvard wins the NCAA points trophy by virtue of that win.  Washington finishes third due to USC being a wild card eight (i.e. not competing in the team competition), Brown takes second.

Update 9:30 a.m. pdt:  The Husky JV's have won the silver in the 2nd Varsity event.  Brown finished first, with Cal winning the bronze, followed by Princeton and Harvard in a finish measured in feet.  Brown and Cal still lead the team standings as of right now - but keep in mind both schools will race in the varsity Petite's, while Harvard and Washington have entries in the Grand...

Update 8:15 a.m. pdt:  The varsity four has won the petite final, inching out Virginia to finish seventh overall in the event, while Harvard has placed sixth in the Grand (sixth overall).  Get out your calculators - looks like the team championship will come down to the final race of the day - see our Women's NCAA Points Calculator for an update on the team standings.

See :  2003 NCAA Rowing Championships  for splits and updates.

Articles: The Seattle Times: Sports: UW back in contention with strong races in wind


Update 12:00 p.m.:  The weather on the Eagle Creek Reservoir was miserable, described as "victory at sea" by our reporter Hess (expected to be better tomorrow).   The Huskies went into the semi's a little frustrated over the heat performances on Friday and laid down good races this morning.  The varsity finished second to Harvard but finished ahead of Pac-10 Champion Stanford.  Just by the fact there were nine teams within four seconds of each other in yesterday's heats meant some fast crews would not make the finals, and we found out today who that would be - both Cal and Brown did not make the varsity final.

All of this makes for a real toss-up tomorrow for the team championship.  Harvard has the inside track right now as the only school placing all three crews into the Grand finals, but only Washington has crews in the eights finals.  The varsity eight race is heavily weighted in the overall team championship, so that may very well be where it all plays out - the last race of the day.  See Women's NCAA Points Calculator for more information, and check in tomorrow for more from our reporter on the scene!

From GoHuskies:  Huskies' Top Two Crews Advance to Sunday's Grand Finals :: UW varsity and second varsity eights seek to defend NCAA titles.

Update 11:00 a.m.:   The JV's have won their semi, the varsity finished second, and the four finished third.  The JV's and Varsity advance to the final, with the four in the Petite.

Varsity Eight Grand Final race, scheduled for Sunday, June 1, 12:00 p.m. cdt;  lane 1 to lane 6 as follows:  USC, Washington, Michigan, Harvard, Virginia, Stanford.

Junior Varsity Eight Grand Final race, scheduled for Sunday, June 1, 11:15 a.m. cdt;  lane 1 to lane 6 as follows:  Harvard, Washington, Brown, Cal, Princeton, Ohio State.

Varsity Four Petite Final race, scheduled for Sunday, June 1, 9:45 a.m. cdt;  lane 1 to lane 6 as follows:  Stanford, WSU, Princeton, Washington, Virginia, Michigan State.

We will have an update from our man on the scene, Mike Hess, if and when he calls us!

See :  2003 NCAA Rowing Championships  for splits and updates.

Articles:   Huskies open with three thirds at women's rowing nationals

The Seattle Times: Sports: Not the sharpest, Huskies still advance all three boats


See the GoHuskies article for a summary of the day's action -- UW Women Move Through Heats, All Three Boats to Race Saturday :: Trio of Husky crews all finish third in Friday heat racing.

Row2K has a good summary page of the day's events at row2k Coverage: 2003 NCAA Rowing Championships.

10:00 a.m. pdt:  The varsity four also finished third in their heat.

8:45 a.m. pdt:  The varsity and JV's have both finished third in their respective heats.  See :  2003 NCAA Rowing Championships  for splits and updates.

Articles:   UW's Lauren Estevenin is most at home on the water

The UW Daily - Terrific Threesome

The UW Daily - Uncharted Territory

Weather Forecast:  weather.com - Indianapolis, IN

Pre-Race Information

The NCAA's are being held in Indianapolis again in 2003, May 30 through June 1.

The team points will be tallied the same as last year;  click here for points per place of finish per event:  NCAA Points.

Here is the official website of the NCAA Rowing Championships:  Rowing - NCAA Sports.

Here are the lane assignments for the Friday heats:  2003 NCAA Rowing Championships held on May 30th-June 1st, 2003.

Here are some articles:

The Seattle Times: Rowers aim for history as careers wind down


IRA Men's National Championships

Here are some pictures from the IRA - thank you Eric Jorgensen!


The IRA champion varsity four at the docks after their final.



With the trophy, left to right Bob Ernst, Ben Fletcher, Jeff Jorgensen, Evan Galloway, John Kenfield, Melissa Wengard (cox), Colin Sykes '92 (coach), Sean Mulligan '98 (coach).




Articles:  The Seattle Times: Sports: Washington saves its best for last

From the UW Daily 6/2/03:  Harvard Nips Varsity 8 at IRA

Update 1:00 p.m.:  We caught up with the guys on their way to the airport and got more of a description of the race:  The strategy was to get out hard and they did that, the race quickly turning into a two boat race after 500 meters.  The crews fought side by side through the next 500 but Harvard slipped it into another gear at 1200 and gradually moved out to a half length lead, extending it into the sprint.  "It was the best we rowed ever," said Marco Petrovic, six-oar.  "They are a better team.  But most of the race was very close, we were dead even with them, and it (the rowing pace) felt good."

Coxswain Ryan Marks added "We put a lot into the first 1000 meters.  Our goal was to go out hard.  It was a great race - we had open water on the field at 1000 meters, but Harvard had more."

It is on to Henley for the Huskies and at this point it is not clear whether Harvard will bring an eight to England.  The men will be back in Seattle before crossing the pond on the 23rd.  The guys are clearly excited for this trip and made it clear how appreciative they are of having the opportunity to go.  "We race for all of you," said Marks of the Washington rowing family, and the traditions built into the program over the years. "We are honored to be part of it."


From GoHuskies:  Men's Varsity and JV Collect Silver Medals at IRAs :: Huskies win varsity four national championship


Update 11:00 a.m. pdt:  We are waiting for the articles and pictures to come in from a remarkable day on the Cooper River!  We have heard from Coach Ernst, in which he said to all of the alums, friends and parents: 

"All the crews rowed their best races of the year today.  It would have been nice to knock off Harvard in the varsity,  but we just couldn't keep up the last 700 meters.  We led for about the first third of the race and through the thousand it was even with the field open water back.  The guys rowed to win and gave Harvard their best test this year.  The J's race was excellent....bow ball to bow ball with Harvard, Cornell, and Wisco for the entire two thousand meters.  Fred's frosh was a very close 4th and raced up to their potential.....well done Fred and his freshmen.  The Varsity four finished the day with a wire to wire victory.  Jeff Jorgensen won his third national championship....well done Jeff.  Thanks to everyone that has made this season so special!!!!  The Centennial banquet committee, Cruzin with the crews and the bar-b-q on class day.  The Stewards enclosure on Opening Day.  And all the special events.  All "first class"!!!!!

Thank you all,  "On To Henley",

7:00 a.m. pdt:  The varsity four are National Champions!  The JV's collected silver and the frosh have finished fourth.  More news at it arrives.

5:00 a.m. pdt:  The Washington varsity eight has finished second by about a length to Harvard in the Grand Final of the 2003 IRA Regatta.  Cal was third, followed by Wisconsin, Northeastern, and Cornell.  See:  Live Updates -  South Jersey Rowing - IRA National Championships


Articles:  The Seattle Times: Sports: UW varsity eight leads four crews into IRA finals

All Washington crews have advanced -- see UW Men's Varsity 8 Posts Best Semifinal Time at IRA Championships :: All four UW crews advance to Saturday's Grand Final races for more information.

9:00 a.m. pdt:  The varsity men have won their semi-final, advancing to Saturday's final. 

Live Updates:  South Jersey Rowing - IRA National Championships

Weather Forecast:  weather.com - Camden, NJ

Articles:  The Seattle Times: Sports: Awesome foursome as all UW crews reach semifinals

The Seattle Times: Sports: Larson proves to be cut above for UW crew - thank you Blaine Newnham

The UW Daily - Men's Crew Advances


Here's the latest GoHuskies article:  All Four UW Men's Crews Advance to IRA Semifinals :: Three boats win heats, frosh eight moves through repechage

Update 4:00 p.m.:  The frosh have advanced to the semi's with a seven second win over Oregon State.

Update 8:30 a.m.:  Washington has won their heats in the V8, JV8, and V4 events, advancing to Friday's semi- finals.  The freshmen came second in their heat and will row in the reps.  Here are the times and finishes:  South Jersey Rowing - IRA National Championships.

Pre-Race Information

The IRA's begin on Thursday, May 29th, with finals on Saturday, May 31.

The men's varsity has drawn Yale, Michigan, Brown, Stanford and Virginia in their first heat scheduled to start at 8:12 a.m. est on Thursday on the Cooper River at Camden.

Here is the official website of the IRA:  South Jersey Rowing - IRA National Championships.

Here are some articles:

HeraldNet: Kyle Larson



Here is a summary of the event from GoHuskies:  UW Men Upset No. 1 Cal to Win Pac-10 Varsity Eight Title :: Huskies win women's team championship.

From the Seattle Times:  The Seattle Times: UW men upset No. 1 California

From the Seattle P-I:  UW men's varsity 8 claims Pac-10 crown


Coming down the last 200 meters in the men's varsity event.  Photo by Charlie Painter\Capital Crew.



The final strokes.  Photo by Charlie Painter\Capital Crew.



The last ten strokes of the men's varsity race.  Click here:  JAMCO - 2003 Pac-10 Championships Rowing Result 134 for the splits from Jamco for the men's varsity event.  Dan Lepse photo.


Across the line.  Dan Lepse photo.



Lake Natoma never felt so good.  Dan Lepse photo.





The men's varsity Pac-10 Champs, back row left to right:  Sam Burns, Brett Newlin, John Lorton, Marko Petrovic.  Front, left to right:  Andy Derrick, Giuseppe Lanzone, Ryan Marks, Ante Kusurin, Kyle Larson.  Dan Lepse photo.


The women's team champs.  Dan Lepse photo.



Oregon State Dual Race

Here are some pictures of the racing Saturday morning, May 10th.

The Beavers showed strength in all of the men's races, coming from behind in the frosh race to take the Huskies by a half length and exacting revenge for the loss a week earlier on Opening Day.  The men's varsity race was a high stroking affair, the Huskies having more down the stretch to win by about eight seats.

The women's events were all Washington, but both schools looked impressive in the varsity event as they powered down the Cut.

From GoHuskies:  UW Crews Win 10 of 11 Races vs. Oregon State :: Huskies dominate UW-OSU regatta Saturday in Seattle


The women's novice event, Washington out in front.



The women's third varsity, reflecting the depth in the Washington program, out in front by three lengths with 300 meters to go.



Another shot of the women's third varsity event.



The men's freshmen event, Washington leading as the crews head under the bridge.



OSU taking the rate up in a strong finish to take the lead and the race.



The women's varsity, 300m to go.



The men's varsity race as the crews enter the Cut.



The varsity stern at the catch.



The crew ahead of OSU by about six seats as they head for the finish.



Windermere Cup/Opening Day

We rounded out the Centennial weekend with a packed Steward's Enclosure and a stellar field put together by Windermere for the annual Windermere Cup races.

Particularly exciting races were the men's freshmen event, with the Huskies defeating a strong Oregon State team that beat Washington at San Diego one month ago.   The JV women also defeated a WSU crew that had prevailed over them earlier in the season.

Both the men's and women's varsities looked impressive, the women holding their own against a polished Belarus National Team, losing by about a half length, and the men's varsity cruising to a six second win over Northeastern to capture the Windermere Cup.   See the GoHuskies article Huskies Win 9 of their 10 Windermere Cup Races:  UW men, Belarus women & U.S. men win main events.

Likely the best race of the day came in the featured event, the men's elite national teams from the U.S. and Canada rowing a flawless race down the Cut, the U.S. prevailing by three-quarters of a length over the defending world champions.

The Seattle Times: Sports: Windermere Cup: Seattle fans bolster U.S. in its upset of Canada

Note:  The Windermere Cup races will be featured in a delayed, one-hour telecast on Fox Sports Net Northwest. The first telecast airs May 11 at 11 a.m. Additional telecasts are scheduled for May 13 at 2 p.m. and May 18 at 2 p.m. Kerry Sayers and Yasmin Farooq will call the action with analysis from Husky men's freshman coach Fred Honebein.

Also, Jamcotimes has splits of the major races ---> JAMCO - 2003 JAMCO Tripleheader

Here are some picture highlight's of the day's events (thanks Doc Slepyan for pics from the bridge and at the awards - and thank you Tim Welsh for Steward's Enclosure pics):


1952 Olympic bronze medallists Carl Lovsted and Al Rossi recounting the glory in Helsinki for Fox Sports NW.  I believe that's a lakeshot guys.



The frosh defeat OSU in front of the packed finish line.




Mike Hess ('77) and Phil Henry ('94) discussing the physics of getting 1,000 people into the Dempsey Center.




Tim Welsh ('80), 'Jan' Janjic ('81), Dave Lauber ('81), Al Erickson ('82) (holding Anna Erickson ('23)), and Doug Oien ('81) enjoy the Steward's Enclosure.


The women's JV Erickson Cascade Cup champs.  Left to right:  Michael Kohan, Signe Johannes, Gemma Edward Aron, Margaret Henry, Amanda Jensen, Alina Tabacaru, Courtney Matson, Sanda Hangan, Megan Mach.


The men's JV Erickson Cascade Cup champs.  Left to right:  Matt Kopicky, Jeff Jorgensen, John Taylor, Scott Gault, Gints Salaks, Charles Minett, Dusan Nikolic, Ian Sawyer, Chris O'Brien.



The Belarus National Team over a tough women's varsity.




Notre Dame, Belarus, and Washington on the medal platform.




The Huskies leading in the men's varsity Windermere Cup event as the crews head under the Montlake bridge.  Northeastern is to the far left, with Poland in the middle.



The men's varsity rowing to victory in the Windermere Cup.



The teams from Northeastern, Washington, and Poland on the medal stand.



The U.S. team opening up an eight seat advantage with about 400 meters to go.



The United States and Canada rowing across the finish line in the feature race of the day.



On the medal platform, the Canadian and U.S. teams.



The Notre Dame alums gather in front of Conibear.



Jeff Taylor ('89) and Trudy (Ockenden) Taylor ('88), with family, on the beautifully restored Conny.



Varsity cox Ryan Marks talks to Fox Sports.  I believe that's a lakeshot guys.



Marks and JV cox Chris O'Brien swim.



Vic Fomo ('42) and Eric Cohen ('82).




Andy McGee ('84), Mark Miller ('79), and Jan Janjic ('81) at the shellhouse.



Cliff Hurn ('72) entertaining wife Janine and Tim Lewis ('01).





California Dual Race

Here are the pictures (with descriptions of what we saw from the Montlake Bridge at about 350 m to go on 4/26 beginning at 9:00 a.m.).  Temperature upper 40's;  there was a solid southerly (direct 15 mph cross) wind through the body of the race turning to a straight headwind through the tunnel of the Cut:


The Cal women's varsity four with a decisive margin on the Huskies as the crews head under the Montlake Bridge.  Varsity Four -- 1, Cal 7:21.1. 2, UW "A" 7:28.8. 3, UW "B" 7:41.1.

UW "A" lineup -- cox: Dana Ryan, Lindsay Schwarz, Nicole Mazikowski,
Katherine Ramos, Lisa Krikava.

UW "B" lineup -- cox: Katie Peyer, Karen Etsell, Ilia Ash, Eva Hershaw,
Alaina Garrie.

Cal lineup -- cox: Remy Hitomi, Jane Griffith, Kelly Tilmanis, Liz Youngs,
Hilary Meu.


The men's varsity four with tough, evenly matched crews battling down the course.  Varsity Four -- 1, UW "A" 6:29.1. 2, Cal 6:31.5. 3, UW "B" 6:40.2.



The victorious Washington varsity four in the Cut with 250 meters left.  Left to right: Melissa Wengard (cox), Evan Galloway, Ben Fletcher, John Kenfield, Seth Berling.


UW "B" lineup -- cox: Stephen Hertzfeld, Gavin Grant, John Heylin, Nick
Hudson, Casey Clingan.

Cal lineup -- cox: Bracknell Baker, Deaglan McEachren, Paul O'Sullivan,
Marcel Staedter, Max Frasca.


The women's novice race, the Huskies rowing with about 400 meters to go.  Cal had already moved to a commanding lead at this point, cruising home with at least a length of open water.  Novice Eight -- 1, Cal 7:05.2. 2, UW 7:14.6.

UW lineup -- cox: Eva Anderson, Courtney Mitchell, Kim Matz, Katie Ball,  Allison DePalma, Marah Connole, Megan Kalmoe, Jessica Ahlering, Olivia

Cal lineup -- cox: Azieb Tesfai, Shawna Walchenback, Erin Reinhardt, Ashley
Smith, Megan Reitz, Sabine Zimmerman, Heidi Cole, Nathasha LaBelle, Kelly

The men's freshmen race, with Cal hanging onto a three-quarter length lead.  The Huskies began to move from almost a length back at the entrance to the Cut, but the Bears prevailed at the end by about a half length. -- 1, Cal 6:13.5. 2, UW 6:15.1.

UW lineup -- cox: Adrian Andrews, Colin Phillips, Daniel Harm, Cooper Rooks, Brodie Buckland, Scott Schmidt, Adam Van Winkle, Craig Tyler, Tyler Smith.

Cal lineup -- cox: Adam Moss, Chris Rubini, Elliot Hovey, Colin Arnold,
David Puder, Vaclav Voshoska, Peter Maiden, Gary Champagne, David James.


The women's JV.  This race looked to be fairly close through the midpoint, although gauging it was tough due to the boats being separated laterally from the beginning.  Washington continued to push their lead into the finish:  Junior Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 6:50.2. 2, Cal 6:53.2.

UW lineup -- cox: Megan Mach, Sanda Hangan, Courtney Matson, Alina Tabacaru,
Amanda Jensen, Margaret Henry, Gemma Edward-Aron, Signe Johannes, Michael

Cal lineup -- cox: Kate Goodman, Ashley Peterson, Elyse Lerum, Teresa Oja,
Emily Burkett, Jessica Patak, Karin Clifton, Ona Johnson, Andrea McDermott

The men's JV as the crews enter the Cut.  Guy Lawrence picture.



The men's JV race at 400 meters to go.  Cal moved to an early lead and held it, but was over-stroking the Huskies significantly down the body of the course.  About 150 meters into the Cut the Huskies began to take the rate up and at this point were visibly moving back through the Bears, pushing into the lead with about 150 meters left in the race and winning by about a half length:  Junior Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 6:05.9. 2, Cal 6:07.8.


The Huskies closing the gap as the crews sprint to the finish.


UW lineup -- cox: Chris O'Brien, Ian Sawyer, Kyle Larson, Charles Minett,
Gints Salaks, Scott Gault, John Taylor, Jeff Jorgensen, Mathew Kopicky.

Cal lineup -- cox: Joseph Manion, Robert Deppisch, Rob Curran, Michael
Wallin, Jesse Bauman, Magnus Fleming, Brett Winfield, Janic Gasiorowski,
Troy Kepper .


The women's varsity race at about 1250 meters in.  Guy Lawrence picture.



The women's varsity  was a ferocious race by both clubs - a classic dual down the entire length of the course.  Both teams still had good speed as they entered the sprint, with Washington beginning to pull away at the end.  A terrific collegiate boat race of two exceptional crews:  Varsity Eight -- 1, UW 6:41.9. 2, Cal 6:44.6.


With about 250 meters to go.



UW lineup -- cox: Anne Hessburg, Lauren Estevenin, Carrie Stasiak, Adrienne
Hunter, Heidi Hurn, Jessica Harm, Erin Curry, Mary Reeves, Yvonneke Stenken.

Cal lineup -- cox: Shaina Kennedy, Ariana Canova, Martha Helgeland, Kaylan
Vander Schilden, Shelle Orem, Laura Terheyden, Khobi Brooklyn, Erin Sanford,
Hilarie Martin.

The men's varsity as the crews enter the Montlake Cut.  Guy Lawrence picture.



Cal came to race in the men's varsity and laid it down from the start, gaining an early advantage and never looking back.  The Bears were powerful down the stretch;  here, with 300m to go, the crews are separated by about a length:  Varsity Eight -- 1, Cal 5:59.2. 2, UW 6:04.0.


The Cal varsity putting open water on the Huskies as the crews sprinted to the finish.


UW lineup -- cox: Ryan Marks, Dusan Nikolic, Marko Petrovic, John Lorton, Ante Kusurin, Brett Newlin, Giuseppe Lanzone, Andy Derrick, Sam Burns.

Cal lineup -- cox: Shawn Ghatan, Jeffrey Nalty, Robert Austerman, Ian
McGowan, Mladen Stegic, Filip Filipic, Ivan Smiljanic, Cristopher Kennelley,
Toby Smith.

Here's the UW recap:  UW Women, Cal Men Win Varsity Eight Races :: Huskies win three of top four events in dual regatta

Here's the Seattle Times The Seattle Times: Sports: UW, Cal do splits in crew rivalry

Here's the Daily article:  The UW Daily Online


Wisconsin Dual Race

The Badgers have defeated the Huskies for the "W" trophy by about three seconds.

Here's a recap of the race from Row2K:   EARC HW Men: The W Cup, April 19, 2003.

And a good article with quotes from Bob at GoHuskies: Second-Ranked UW Men Fall to No. 3 Wisconsin Crew :: Badgers win W Cup for first time in 11 tries.

And a link to Row2K that has an 8 second clip of the finish on Lake Mendota -

Rowing and Sculling for Rowers and Scullers - row2k.com


San Diego Crew Classic

Here's the article: UW Women Win JV Championship at Crew Classic :: Husky varsity boats are runners-up in San Diego.

We will have pictures as soon as they are available.

Here's the article from the Seattle Times:  The Seattle Times: Sports: San Diego Crew Classic: Washington endures rough ride

And from the Seattle P-I:  Bears dethrone UW women's crew in photo finish.

Pictures from the event - thank you Paul Yount -

The crowd of rowing enthusiasts watch the start of the men's varsity eight race on the big screen.





About 1900 meters later, California leads Washington by about three seats coming into the finish.



The Whittier Cup finale, about as close as it comes.  The crews were dead even most of the race, California in the end pushing in front by the length of a bow ball.


Class Day

Here's the article:  Senior Men & Sophomore Women Win Class Day Titles: Four races contested at 102nd-annual Class Day Regatta and a few pictures of the Class Day BBQ and awards.

Thank you to the friends and alums who flipped burgers or otherwise helped make the cruise and BBQ a success:  Mark Miller ('78), George Teasdale ('77), Glen Bowser ('69), Bill Pitlick ('66), Mike Hess ('78), Andy Hess, Laurel Case, Fred Fox ('76), Jim Pugel ('81), Fred Raney ('61), Al Erickson ('82), Dwight Phillips ('71), Dee Walker ('71), Peg Achterman ('82), Al Forney ('82), Eric Cohen ('82), the Washington Rowing Stewards and the Washington Rowing Foundation!


The senior men pulling away as they go under the bridge, followed by the juniors and the sophomores.  Photo courtesy Paul Yount.



The class of '06.  Photo courtesy Paul Yount.



The senior women about to meet concrete.  Photo courtesy Paul Yount.



That dreaded Lake Washington milfoil claims another victim.  Photo Paul Yount.



The sophomore women head for the finish.  Photo courtesy Paul Yount.



The chow line.



The crowd at Conibear on a sunny day.  Note: we want this weather back for Opening Day.



Two expert burger flippers Mark Miller '79 and Al Erickson '82.



The seniors describing to Mike Hess ('78) what it's like to (literally) hit the wall.  The sound of the oar goes "crunch".




The Captains:  Carrie Stasiak and Charles Minett.




Inspirational athletes Yvonneke Stenken and Matt Kopicky.




The first annual presentation of the Dick Erickson Scholarship, left to right Irma Erickson, Gints Salaks, Mary Reeves, and Al Erickson.  The award goes to the athlete(s) whose dedication to the sport best reflect that of the former Washington coach and athlete.


The victorious Senior men.




The victorious Sophomore women.



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