Henley 2003

This will be the page that will follow the men as they become the tenth Washington Crew team to travel to England to compete at Henley.

The varsity eight heading for the start, left to right Ryan Marks (cox), Ian Sawyer, John Lorton, Marko Petrovic, Brett Newlin, Guiseppe Lanzone, Kyle Larson, Sam Burns, Andy Derrick.  Photo courtesy Michael Blogg, London.


The 101 in fine condition - the first time it had touched the Thames since 1997.  Photo courtesy Michael Blogg, London.




The four rowing for the Britannia Cup, left to right Chris O'Brien (cox), John Taylor, Scott Gault, Matt Kopicky, Jeff Jorgnesen.  Photo by Kathy Derrick.



Washington leads Molesey/Imperial by two seats at the Barrier.  Photo by Kathy Derrick.




The eight in front of the enclosures against Molesey/Imperial.  Photo by Kathy Derrick.




100 meters left and Washington leads by two seats.  Photo by Kathy Derrick.




Maintaining the margin.  Photo by Kathy Derrick.




Washington will finish the race in 6:11, the fastest time posted at Henley in 2003.  Thank you Kathy Derrick for the pictures!


Sunday, July 6th:

As we await pictures, here are links to some from the Henley website featuring the team at the awards ceremony (left side, 2nd from top) and as they row in front of the enclosures (right side, 2nd from bottom).

Lots of articles:  Rowing and Sculling for Rowers and Scullers - row2k.com

Around the Northwest: Huskies win at Henley

The Seattle Times: Sports: UW rows to Henley championship

UW Men Row to Henley Championship :: Huskies claim Ladies Challenge Plate at Royal Regatta

9:30 a.m. PDT:   The varsity eight has won the Ladies' Plate, defeating Rutgers by four and a quarter lengths in the final this evening.  The win is the first for the Washington men since 1981.  As Dick Erickson might say, "...it's been a long time".  Congratulations to the men and to coaches Ernst and Honebein as they celebrate this special victory!

We expect pictures and comments but given the time/distance we are not sure when they will be arriving.  We'll post when we get them --

By the way, according to the statistics from the event this year, Washington will have rowed the fastest time at Henley in 2003.  Their winning semi-final time from Saturday of 6:11 is one second faster than today's Grand Challenge win by Canada.  As we know, individual days and races are not comparable in times particularly at Henley, but it is an achievement worth noting, and also indicative of the level of competition the crew faced in Molesey/Imperial in the semi.  Washington rowed a 6:24 in their open water win today.


The eight will be racing Rutgers University in the Ladies' Plate final at 5:10 p.m. London time, or 9:10 a.m. Seattle time.

Check the HRR website for results:  Henley Royal Regatta - 2003 - Results.


Saturday, July 5th:

The eight will be racing Molesey B.C. & Imperial College at 3:40 p.m. London time, or 7:40 a.m. Seattle time in the semi-finals.  Check the HRR website for results:  Henley Royal Regatta - 2003 - Results.

Update 8:00 a.m. PDT:  The eight has defeated an excellent Molesey B.C. & Imperial College crew by a quarter length in the fastest time at Henley so far this year.  The crew led from the Barrier to the finish, but had to fight off the tough English crew all the way and finished with a time of 6:11.

Here is an article recently posted by the P-I ---  Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP - Other Sports

Friday, July 4th:

By the luck of the draw both the four and the eight will be on the Thames together on Friday.  The eight races at noon (4:00 a.m. PDT) and the four races at 12:10 (4:10 a.m. PDT).   Check the HRR website for results:  Henley Royal Regatta - 2003 - Results.

Update 8:00 a.m. PDT:  The eight has advanced with an open water victory in their quarterfinal.  But the four has lost a heart-breaker, losing by two feet to Isis.  More information as it comes available.

From GoHuskies:  UW Men's Eight Rows into Henley Semifinals :: Husky four edged in quarterfinal round of Royal Regatta

Thursday, July 3rd:

The four has advanced with a one-seat win:

UW Four Advances to Henley Quarterfinals :: Husky varsity eight begins rowing Friday at Royal Regatta


6/20/03:  Here's the GoHuskies article sending the men off to Henley:  UW Men to Row at Henley Royal Regatta :: Two Husky crews depart Monday for England

Click here for the Ladies Plate entries:  The Ladies' Challenge Plate - Entries

Click here for the Britannia Cup entries:  The Britannia Challenge Cup - Entries

And here's the official site of the regatta:  Henley Royal Regatta

And a little bit more about the town and events:  Henley on Line - henley on thames, henley oxfordshire, henley regatta, news and sport

We took these pictures on a spectacular June morning on Lake Union as the team works two-a-days with Coaches Ernst and Honebein in preparation for the trip.   The men are training in fours and will meet up with teammates Brett Newlin, Sam Burns and Marco Petrovic (already at national camps) at Henley.  The team leaves Seattle on Monday, June 23rd.


Ian Sawyer will stroke the eight entered in the Ladies Plate.



The four that will be entered in the Britannia Cup, left to right Chris O'Brien (cox), Matt Kopicky, Charles Minnett, John Taylor, and Scott Gault.


At the catch.



Mostly thirty stroke pieces at incrementally higher rates.



At the start.



Taking a breather.



John Lorton trained this particular morning in the single but will join his teammates in the eight.



In front of Gasworks Park.



Dueling it out at a thirty-six.



An impressive piece, one of the best of the day - left to right Ryan Marks (cox), Andy Derrick, Guiseppe Lanzone, Kyle Larson, and Ian Sawyer.


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