2011 Race Results

Note to readers: The information on this page was written in 2011. Unfortunately, over time, news sources will remove older articles, so you will find some dead-end links here, but all of the photos and information we wrote at the time remains in full!

IRA's (Men) - Cooper River, Cherry Hill, NJ - June 2-4, 2011

2011 IRA V8, HD
Frosh 8 - Silver 2V8 - Gold 2011 IRA - Husky Crew

National Champ V8 By a Length;
Dominant Team Performance
5th Consecutive Ten Eyck

ichael Callahan: Team rowed at their highest level today... Class of '14 breakout performance... Luke McGee Coach of the Year... V8 charged up with 400 to go... Importance of the alum and support groups - Michael Callahan Interview: 2011 National Champions (7 mins, mp3)

National Champions! Huskies Dominate 109th IRA Championships

Event Open 4+ V4+ Frosh 8 2V8 V8
Finish Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold
Race Call
(Click to Listen: All Files mp3, about 7 mins.)

"...Washington, 7 seats up... Harvard starting to come, Harvard is up now in 2nd, they have a half a seat over Cal, and Brown has put up a great fight today in the middle 1000 here, but Harvard is sensing it's time to go...they don't like Washington having quite this much of a lead and Harvard's rating is now... 39, oh my gosh, they went to 39, and Washington so far is checking them... Washington at 37, they've got plenty of gears... I can hear some screams out of the Washington boat...can they hold off the pack... Wisco in 4th... Harvard, still only two seats up on Cal ...Princeton, only 2 seats back on Brown... so will this be the Huskies' day...they are talking to each other in this boat...with 45 strokes to go, Washington has open water...40 strokes a minute, it's going to be tough for anyone to come back against the Dawgs today..."

Order Entry Result
1 Washington 5:30.623
2 Harvard 5:33.302
3 California 5:33.406
4 Wisconsin 5:34.038
5 Brown 5:36.899
6 Princeton 5:38.500

S.J. coxswain Osjerkis guides Huskies to win | Courier-Post |

US Rowing > Huskies Dominate 2011 IRA Championships

Jerry Brewer | Huskies live up to their legacy with 14th men's rowing national title | Seattle Times Newspaper

Huskies | Huskies take back national crew title | Seattle Times Newspaper

Rowing championships have S.J. flavor | Courier-Post | courierpostonline.com - great article on Sam and Seamus

Every Dawg Has Its Day: Washington Win Four of Five to Take Home Ten Eyck Trophy

2011 Team Points (unofficial)

Place   Varsity Eight 2nd Varsity Eight Freshman Eight Total
1 Washington 90 54 51 195
2 Harvard 85 51 48 184
3 Cal 80 39 54 173
4 Princeton 65 45 45 155
5 Brown 70 33 39 142
6 Wisco 75 48 15 138
7 Cornell 60 42 33 135
8 Yale 45 36 18 99
9 BU 30 27 42 99
10 Navy 40 21 36 97
11 Syracuse 50 30 12 92
12 Stanford 55 dns 30 85
13 Dartmouth 25 18 24 67
14 Penn 15 24 9 48
15 Columbia 20 dns 27 47
16 UCSD 5 12 21 38
17 Georgetown 35 dns dns 35
18 Gonzaga 10 15 6 31

2011 IRA Men's Rowing National Championship Comprehensive (Full Information (Maps, Links, Schedule) for the 2011 IRA Men's National Championship, Updated Daily)

Webcast: 2011 IRA Live Video Feed

Live Results/Times: 2011 IRA Live Results

Saturday Full Schedule (pdf)

June 4th

Time (Pacific)

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6


Open 4+ Grand Final 5:45 a.m. Navy Wisco Harvard Washington Cornell Yale
V4+ Grand Final 6:09 a.m. Brown Drexel Navy Washington Stanford Wisconsin
F8 Grand Final 7:00 a.m. Brown Princeton Cal Harvard Washington BU
2V8 Grand Final 7:30 a.m. Cornell Cal Harvard Washington Wisco Princeton
V8 Grand Final 9:15 a.m. Princeton Brown Cal Harvard Washington Wisco

Photos, Thank you Nick Cvetkovic:

F8     Overview, Philadelphia in background

All Husky Boats Advance To IRA Grand Finals - GoHuskies (Video)

Huskies | UW falls to Harvard in semis, but can make amends in final | Seattle Times Newspaper

Weatherbug seems to have the most accurate real-time wind speed: (The Bishop Eustace Prep School Weatherbug location is located about 1/4 mile from the course at about the 1500m mark) Bishop Eustace, Camden, NJ Weather Conditions & Forecast - WeatherBug.com

Friday, 6/3 Semi's Schedule:  2011IRAFridayHeatandLaneSched.pdf

June 3rd

Time (Pacific)

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6


V4+ Semi-Final 1 7:00 a.m. Georgetown Syracuse Wisco Washington Drexel Temple
F8 Semi-Final 1 8:15 a.m. Stanford Cornell Harvard Washington BU Dartmouth
2V8 Semi-Final 1 8:45 a.m. BU Syracuse Washington Cal Cornell Navy
V8 Semi-Final 2 9:30 a.m. Yale Wisco Harvard Washington Stanford Georgetown
Top three finishers to Grand Final, rest to 2nd Final

Huskies Win Four Heats, Advance All Boats To IRA Semifinals - GoHuskies

Thursday, 6/2 Summary:  The main story this morning from the Cooper River is the wind, gusting strongly down the course at + 20-25 mph at times.  The mid-race course is choppy and there is debris; already we have seen crews blown out or pulled off of starting blocks, and two steering breakages (Yale's 2V8 and F8).  Cornell is also reporting their V8 hit a log mid-race.  By the F8 races the course was described by Fred Schoch as "rolling whitecaps, very difficult".

In the opening V8 heat, Washington moved out early on Brown, those two crews separating from the pack. Neither crew appeared to put on a strong sprint, content to finish 1-2. The 2nd heat ended up with the fastest times, Wisco pushing at Cal (Wisconsin understroking and looking the most comfortable in the conditions) most of the way down the course, Cal winning by about 8 seats.  The third heat was similar to the first, Harvard and Princeton methodically pulling out on the field and rowing together, although Yale forced the issue at the end with an aggressive sprint, falling about 3 seats short of Princeton for second.  Times are very fast, as would be expected in these conditions.

Conditions improved slightly for the 2V's, the tailwind dropping enough that these races appeared slightly more controlled, although by the last heat the wind was back up.  Washington ran a controlled race in their heat, up early on the field and finishing a length up.  In the F8 race, Washington rowed quickly off the start, Princeton about 4 seats back but slowly moving back on the Huskies in the 2nd 500.  By 1000m, Princeton was in front, and continued to pull away as Washington qualified for the semis in the 2nd position, choosing not to sprint in the final 300m.

The fours: The Washington Open 4 was out of the blocks with Wisconsin, and those two crews rowed right next to each other through the first 1000m.  Probably not more than a seat of separation at any given time.  At about 1250, Washington began to move, Wisconsin tiring and catching some water at about 1500m, Washington cruising into the finish and taking the automatic qualifier into the Grand Final Saturday.  In the V4+, it was Holy Cross out early, but by 500m in Washington had reeled them back in, and by 1000m was a length up. Washington just continued to cruise in this race, crossing comfortably ahead.

All crews did their job today, and qualify into their semis or, in the case of the Open 4+, straight to Saturday's Grand Final.  Go Dawgs!

Photos, Thank you Dan Mannisto:

V8 2V8   F8
Open 4+ V4+    


June 2nd

Time (Pacific)

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6


V8 Heat 1 5:00 a.m. Cornell Syracuse Washington Brown Stanford Gonzaga
2V8 Heat 1 5:45 a.m. BU Brown Washington Princeton Penn  
F8 Heat 1 6:30 a.m. Penn Wisco Washington Princeton Yale Gonzaga
Open 4 Heat 1 7:15 a.m. Washington Wisco Penn Cal Navy  
V4 Heat 2 8:00 a.m. Dartmouth Stanford Holy Cross Washington Temple  

Huskies | Favored Huskies will find plenty of competition for IRA varsity eight title | Seattle Times Newspaper

National Championship On The Line At 109th IRA Championships

Conlin McCabe Featured in Sports Illustrated: SI.com - Faces in the Crowd

Determined Clarke Back To Rowing

7-Day Forecast for Cherry Hill, NJ

NCAA's (Women) - Lake Natoma, Sacramento, CA - May 27-29, 2011

Washington places eighth overall at NCAA Rowing Championships | Seattle Times Newspaper

UW ends season with strong performances at NCAAs - The Daily

Second Varsity Eight Wins Petite Final; Huskies Finish Eighth At NCAAs

Sunday Photos: Thank you Katie Gardner:


Thank you Dan Mannisto:

V4     2V8

Bob Ernst on today's performance, alums/friends/parents, the Pac-10, and the future of the program: audio-video\2011 NCAA\ncaa2011ernst.mp3

V8 Grand Final - Listen - audio-video\2011 NCAA\ncaa2011v8g.mp3 (note: this sounds at the end like it is cut off;  it is not, there was no call as the crews crossed the line)

V8 2nd Final - Listen - audio-video\2011 NCAA\ncaa2011v8p.mp3

Sunday Summaries:

2V8, 2nd Final:  Washington red hot out of the blocks with the fastest start by a UW crew today, leading after 15 strokes.  Washington changing gears, but WSU and Princeton out as well, the crews crossing the 500m 1,2,3 with about 3 feet separating them.  Washington lengthening now, but Princeton 4 seats up, WSU falling back.  Across the 1000m it is Princeton followed by Washington, but the Huskies now on the move.  Washington eating away at the Princeton lead, looking composed.  At 1500m Washington is now leading.  Crews begin to sprint, and MSU begins a strong sprint, eating up Princeton and moving on Washington.  Washington now bringing the rate up higher, MSU trying to close the gap but cannot, Washington across the line in a very satisfying win in the 2nd Final.

V4+, Grand Final:  Virginia and Cal explode off the start, 2 seats up on the field in the first 10 strokes.  Washington in the mix but trailing.  At 500m all crews strong, Virginia over Cal and USC.  Now Cal puts a move on, Virginia right there and USC tagging along, these 3 crews separating from the others.  Across the 1000m it is these three a length over the rest of the field, Washington beginning to move.  Washington now strongly through Stanford and puts their bow across USC's stern.  USC holding them off, but Washington moving.  Across the 1500m mark it is Cal in control, Washington and Stanford neck and neck. Rates now going up, Washington and Stanford trading places but Wisconsin moving from 6th to 4th in a flying sprint, Washington now sprinting.  Across the line it is Cal in control, with UVA and USC close for 2nd/3rd, Washington with a clutch effort to claw back Wisco, Stanford falling to 6th.

Saturday Summary:  USC, Stanford and Cal put all 3 crews into Grand Finals tomorrow and look like the favorites right now to win the NCAA team title.  That is a serious statement about the Pac-10;  USC finished third as a team at the Pac-10's and tomorrow has a real shot to win it all. Rounding out the field, Brown and Virginia both have 2 crews in Grands, Brown in the best shape with the 2V and V8 in the GF (and a history of finding ways to win team titles).  The rest is wide open.  The V8 will be a barn-burner (nothing new): it looks like a race for whoever wants it the most between USC, Stanford, Brown and Princeton, although both MSU and Cal are close enough in times they could sneak.  Washington's V4+ will need to row beyond their years to make the medal stand tomorrow, but have shown perseverance throughout this year and did again today, holding off Princeton in the sprint .  If the V8 and 2V8 can perform like they did today, Washington could be looking at a team performance significantly better than years past.  Conditions tomorrow are forecast for sunny and 72 degrees, with milder winds than the last two days. Go Huskies!

Washington women's varsity fours advance to finals in NCAA Rowing Championships

Resilient Huskies Battle Opposition, Wind At NCAA Semifinals

Saturday Photos: Thank you Katie Gardner:

    V8 2V8
2V8 2V8 V4 V4
  Michele '11 Kerry '11  

Schedule & Boatings: NCAA Championship Semifinals

Huskies Advance All Boats To NCAA Semifinals

Friday Photos: Thank you Katie Gardner:


Thank you Colin Sykes:

'14 '13 '12 '11

Schedule & Boatings: NCAA Championships

Rowing A Family Affair For Lauber Household

NCAA Championships Pose Opportunity For Huskies

Schedule (pdf)

Start studying this: NCAA Points Calculation - huskycrew.org

Live Video: Live Video - NCAA.com

Live Splits: JAMCO - 2011 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships

7-Day Forecast for Fair Oaks, CA

UW Tent and Food Info Here - Husky Crew Parents

How the regatta works:
Friday heats:
top 3 advance to Sat. semi-finals, all others to Friday pm repechage
Friday reps: Top 3 (out of 7) advance to Sat. semis; 4 non-qualifying crews to 3rd level Final Sunday

Saturday semis: top 3 to Grand Finals, bottom 3 to Petite Finals Sunday

V8 Heat 1
(Mid Atlantic)
Michigan State (Central)

Huskies Receive 15th Straight Bid To NCAA Championships

Rowing Division I Championship - NCAA.com

Washington Women Selected to 2011 NCAA Championships, Pac-10 With 5 Teams To NCAA's: Cal, Stanford, USC, UW, WSU; Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard, Ohio St., Michigan, Michigan St., Wisconsin, Clemson, Brown, Princeton, Virginia Round Out Field of 16

Pac-10's (Men/Women) - Lake Natoma, Sacramento, CA - May 15, 2011



Finish Video

Men's Frosh 8



Women's Novice 8



Men's V4



Women's V4



Men's 2V8



Women's 2V8



Men's V8



Women's V8



Photos: Thank you Dan Mannisto:

WN8   MF8 MV4
WV4 M2V8   W2V8
  MV8 WV8  

Photos: Thank you Katie Gardner:

  MF8 WN8  
MV4   M2V8  
MV8   Team Champions V8 Champions

No. 1 Huskies Hold Off Rival Cal For Pac-10 Title

Women's Team Points (live update):

  Novice 8 V4 2V8 V8 Total
Cal 3.5 7 12 21 43.5
Stan 1 1 14 18 34
USC .5 5 10 15 30.5
UW 2.5 6 8 9 25.5
WSU 2 4 6 12 24
UCLA 1.5 3 4 6 14.5
OSU 3 2 2 3 10

Huskies Second Varsity Eight Looks To Redefine Speed

Huskies Descend On Lake Natoma For Pac-10 Championships

UW crew team's face talented field at conference championships - The Daily of the University of Washington

Jamco will be providing live coverage: JAMCO - 2011 Pac-10 Rowing Championships

The UW Rowing Parents group will be hosting a tent: Husky Crew Parents

Weather Forecast: 7-Day Forecast for Fair Oaks, CA

Directions/Schedule/Official Pac-10 Regatta Information: Pac-10 Rowing Championships

Windermere Cup (Men/Women) - Montlake Cut - May 7, 2011

2011 Windermere Cup (HD) - Thank you Lenny O'Donnell '81

Photos Dan Mannisto:


The one-hour, 2011 Special Windermere Cup Broadcast will air on Root Sports:

May 8:  8:30 pm
May 10:  1:00 pm
May 14:  3:00 pm 
May 21:  5:00 pm

Washington Crews Sweep Windermere Cup

Huskies Reign Supreme At Windermere Cup

Ultimate Compliment For Huskies' Weaver

Bloody Good Show By Huskies, Sweep Top Races In Front of 40,000

Picture This | UW wins the 25th Annual Windermere Cup Regatta

Inside The Pride and Tradition of UW Crew | Seattle Times Newspaper

Jerry Brewer | Washington crew: Seattle's greatest sports juggernaut | Seattle Times Newspaper

Legendary rowing team trains for Windermere Cup | KOMO News | Video

Shaky, Fun Day On Water With Cambridge A Lesson In Rowing

Coxswain's Experience: Handling A Rivalry Race

Gregg Bell Unleashed: How The Windermere Cup Changed Jenni (Vesnaver) Hogan's Life

Rewind: Live chat with UW crew coaches Michael Callahan & Bob Ernst | Seattle Times Newspaper

Cambridge, Stanford & Oklahoma Accentuate 25th Windermere Cup

Race Schedule, Steward's Enclosure Information, Parking, Race Viewing:  Windermere Cup 2011 Steward's Enclosure

25th Annual Windermere Cup Official Page

UW/Cal (Men/Women) - Montlake Cut - April 23, 2011

Cal/Washington Dual, MV8
(Lenny O'Donnell/Huskycrew.org)

Video - Behind The Scenes At The UW-Cal Dual

Huskycrew and the UW Rowing Stewards would like to thank the many volunteers who helped out this weekend. First off a big thank you to Howard Lee '84, who hosted the 100th Dual Celebration Friday night at the Duchess. Photographers - you make this website what it is: Dan Mannisto (parent), Ellen Ernst '83, Patrick Slavin '84, George Teasdale '78, Al Erickson '82, Al Forney '82, Eric Cohen '82, Tom Cohen '53, John Odland (parent), Ken Smith (friend), and videographer Lenny O'Donnell '81 and his entire team. Husky Crew would also like to thank Elliott Silvers and the Big W Club for the tent and hospitality, Katie Gardner, Jeremy Cothran at UW Athletics, and the Seattle Times.  Thank you all!

Photos Ken Smith:

WV4 MV4 W2V8 M2V8

Photo Montage: Patrick Slavin, George Teasdale, Al Erickson, Al Forney, Eric Cohen, Tom Cohen, John Odland

  W2V8 M2V8  
  WV8 MV8  
    Dottie and Anne Simpson Seamus
Michelle Sam M2V8 MV8

Photos Dan Mannisto:

MV4   WV4  
MF8 MV8    

Photos Ellen Ernst:

  MV4 WN8 MF8
W2V8 M2V8 WV8 MV8
Live Results
Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Finish
9:00 WV4+ UW Cal Cal 7:15.9, UW 7:18.1
9:10 MV4+ UW Cal UW 6:22.77, Cal 6:37.56
9:20 WNov8 UW Cal Cal 6:41.5, UW 6:46.5
9:30 MFrosh8 Cal UW Cal 5:42.87, UW 5:48.21
9:40 W2V8 Cal UW Cal 6:27.8, UW 6:33.2
9:50 M2V8 UW Cal UW 5:37.87, Cal 5:47.63
10:05 WV8 UW Cal 6:18.5, UW 6:24.3
10:20 MV8 Cal UW UW 5:34.95, Cal 5:37.61

Jerry Brewer | UW-Cal 'need each other' | Seattle Times Newspaper

No. 1 Huskies Retain Schoch Cup With Win Over No. 2 Cal

Huskies Show Progress In Battle For Simpson Cup

Huskies | UW men's crew defeats Cal | Seattle Times Newspaper

Huskies | Washington, California renew rowing rivalry | Seattle Times Newspaper

Seattle Sketcher | It's a Cut Above The Rest | Seattle Times Newspaper

UW hosts Cal in 100th meeting of two schools

Montlake Cut Site Of 100th Washington-Cal Dual

Huskies | Washington-Cal crew: collisions, dead heats and national titles | Seattle Times Newspaper

Dual vs. Duel (reprised from 4/11/09):  Why is it called a Dual Regatta when it really is a "duel" between 2 schools?  We get this question regularly so we thought we would attempt to clarify. A "Dual Meet" is an athletic competition specifically between two opposing teams (not an invitational, open, or championship meet) and is traditionally used in racing sports, i.e. track and field, rowing, swimming, etc. to denote a competition directly between two schools/clubs etc.  The rowing world generally removes the word "meet", usually replacing it with regatta or race ("dual race"), although sometimes just shortening it to "Dual".  Technically that's where the problem comes in: the word gets changed from an adjective to a noun.  The word duel is a noun that refers specifically to a formal fight, usually to the death, between two people. Could we figuratively call some of these historical dual regattas duels?  Probably.  Could they have come up with a better set of words than "dual regatta"... to describe a race between two teams?  Probably.  But it's tradition now, and Huskycrew definitely does not go against tradition!


Time Event
9:00 WV4+
9:10 MV4+
9:20 WNov8
9:30 MFrosh8
9:40 W2V8
9:50 M2V8
10:05 WV8
10:20 MV8

Husky Crew Volunteers With Rainier Valley Rowers

It takes a smart woman to steer college crew as a coxswain - Seattle News - MyNorthwest.com

Huskies Use Bellingham Training Camp To Fine Tune Speed

100th Anniversary Celebration Info:  100th UW-Cal Dual Regatta

Best places to watch the races and parking information:  Map and Directions  Note: The Montlake Bridge will not be closed to traffic, please use extreme caution if viewing from the bridge.

Friends/parents/alums note:  There will be a Big W tent (alums), also bleachers set up on the north side of the Cut at the finish line, all are welcome to get a seat while they last! 

Prelim schedule:  8 races total;  the first race will begin at 9:00 am, expect approx. 10 minute intervals between races.

WSU (Men/Women) - Snake River, WA - April 9, 2011

Huskies Pick Up Road Sweep Over Rival Cougars



9:00 WV8 UW WSU      
    06:37.71 06:43.20      
9:15 MV8 WSU UW      
    06:22.23 06:01.95      
9:30 W2V8 WSU UW      
    06:50.13 06:49.66      
9:45 M2V8 WSU-A UW WSU-B    
    06:46.05 06:18.51 06:52.53    
10:00 WV4 UW-A WSU-A UW-B WSU-B  
    07:41.58 07:54.10 07:42.67 07:56.40  
10:15 WN8 WSU UW      
    07:17.30 07:11.20      
10:30 MN8 WSU UW      
    06:33.20 06:27.20      
10:45 W2N8 UW WSU-A WSU-B WSUlwt-C  
    07:19.00 07:42.00 07:49.50 SCR  
11:00 M2N8 UW WSU-A WSU-B    
    06:19.20 07:10.80 07:43.30    
    06:37.68 07:07.52 06:43.36 07:30.07 07:19.10
11:30 W2V4 UW-A WSU UW-B    
    07:56.34 08:12.31 08:05.50    

Best bet for WSU vs. UW results will be at UW Husky Crew Twitter and note: Cell service at Wawawai on the Snake River is not good so information may be delayed

Directions to the WSU Wawawai Landing Boathouse/Course on the Snake River: WSU Rowing - Directions

Weather Forecast: 7-Day Zone Forecast for Washington Palouse

Schedule a/o 4/6:

Time Event 1 2 3 4
9:00 WV8 WSU UW    
9:15 MV8 UW WSU    
9:30 W2V8 UW WSU    
9:45 M2V8 WSU-A UW WSU-B  
10:15 WN8 UW WSU    
10:30 MN8 UW WSU    
10:45 W2N8 WSU-A UW WSU-B  
11:30 W2V4 WSU UW-A UW-B  

OSU (Men) - Dexter Lake, OR - April 9, 2011

Huskies Show No Rust In Road Sweep Of Beavers



Frosh 8 - 12:30pm   UW 6:06   OSU 6:29

2V8 - 12:40pm   UW 5:54   OSU 6:25

V8 - 12:50pm  UW 5:49   OSU 6:16

V4+ - 1:00pm   UW 6:39   Lewis and Clark 7:10   OSU 7:14

Covered Bridge Regatta (UW vs. OSU) Updated Results Here - CBR2011ResultsPosting - OARowing.org
(Note when using this link: Click on the event number, then if an error comes up click on the "similar" page which will bring up a pdf of the race)

Covered Bridge Regatta Information (ignore the "2009" banner and page down for 2011 information, including driving directions and venue info): 2011 Covered Bridge Regatta - OARowing.org

Weather Forecast: 7-Day Forecast for Dexter Lake, OR (Elev. 800 ft)

Schedule a/o 4/5:

Frosh 8 - 12:30pm   OSU;  UW

2V8 - 12:40pm   UW;  OSU

V8 - 12:50pm   OSU;  UW

V4+ - 1:00pm   Lewis/Clark;  UW;  OSU

San Diego Crew Classic - April 2-3, 2011

Photos: Thank you Katie Gardner:

V8 Novice 8 2V8 2V8
Novice 8  2V8 Novice 8  

Huskies Win Two Championships At San Diego Crew Classic

Huskies encouraged by performance in San Diego

Huskies Advance All Boats To Crew Classic Finals

San Diego Crew Classic Results

San Diego Schedule

No. 8 Huskies To Face Elite Field At San Diego Crew Classic

Husky Open - April 2, 2011

Photos: Thank you Ellen Ernst:

MV8     WV4
WV4 (2)   MF4  
M2V8     MV4


RACE 1 – Junior Men’s 4+

Lane 3 – Lakeside 6:43.94
Lane 4 – SRC 6:49.31
Lane 2 – Pacific 6:56.14
Lane 1 – Mt. Baker 8:11.52

RACE 6 – College Women’s Varsity 4

Lane 1 – UW 7:13.8
Lane 3 – UW 7:17.9
Lane 2 – WSU 7:20.2
Lane 4 – WSU 7:31.3

RACE 11 – Junior Men’s JV 8

Lane 2 – St. Ignat. 6:24.61
Lane 3 – ERA 6:44.71
Lane 4 – Green Lake 6:51.93
Lane 1 – Mt. Baker 7:02.81


RACE 16 – Junior Men’s V8 (2) 

Lane 3 – St. Ignat. 6:04.8
Lane 2 – Lakeside 6:06.3
Lane 1 – SRA (Samm.) 6:06.9
Lane 4 – Pocock 6:07.2


RACE 2 – Junior Women’s Varsity 8

Lane 1 – Pacific 6:50.9
Lane 2 – Green Lake 6:54.9
Lane 3 – Mt. Baker 6:58.8


RACE 7 – College Men’s Freshmen 8 

Lane 2 – UW 6:01.53
Lane 1 – OSU 6:17.27


RACE 12 – Junior Women’s JV 8

Lane 2 – Green Lake 7:09.2
Lane 3 – St. Ignat. 7:15.1
Lane 5 – SRA (Samm.) 7:15.9
Lane 4 – Mt. Baker 7:29.8
Lane 1 – Lakeside 7:49.5


RACE 17 – Junior Men’s 4x+ 

Lane 2 – SRC 6:40.39


RACE 3 – Junior Men’s 4+ (2)

Lane 3 – Pacific 6:38.14
Lane 4 – Lakeside 6:47.62
Lane 2 – SRA (Samm.) 6:48.85
Lane 5 – Pocock 7:27.14
Lane 1 – Green Lake 7:31.11


RACE 8 – College Women’s Varsity 4 (2)

Lane 1 – UW 7:25.2
Lane 3 – UW 7:40.9
Lane 2 – WSU ltwt 8:36.4


RACE 13 – Junior Men’s JV 8 (2)

Lane 4 – Pocock 6:29.37
Lane 3 – SRA (Samm.) 6:32.90
Lane 2 – Lakeside 6:37.59
Lane 1 – Green Lake 6:51.51


RACE 18 – College Women’s Novice 8

Lane 1 – UW 6:50.3
Lane 4 – UW 7:00.1
Lane 2 – WSU 7:09.8
Lane 3 – WWU 7:12.9
Lane 5 – WSU 7:21.8


RACE 4 – Junior Women’s Varsity 8 (2)

Lane 1 – St. Ignat. 6:42.1
Lane 2 – SRA (Samm.) 6:47.5
Lane 3 – ERA 6:58.1 


RACE 9 – College Men’s Freshmen 4

Lane 1 – UW 6:50.45
Lane 2 – WWU 7:15.23


RACE 14 – Junior Women’s 4+ 

Lane 1 – Pacific 7:32.3
Lane 2 – SRC 7:36.8
Lane 3 – Lakeside 7:50.5
Lane 5 – Lakeside 8:03.6
Lane 4 – Green Lake 8:37.2


RACE 19 – College Men’s 2V 8

Lane 2 – UW 5:51.16
Lane 1 – Western 6:47.03


RACE 5 – College Men’s Varsity 8 

Lane 3 – UW 3VU 5:42.40
Lane 2 – UW Grunties 5.43.75
Lane 1 – WWU 6:18.60


RACE 10 – Junior Women’s 2V 8 (2) 

Lane 4 – Green Lake 7:23.7
Lane 2 – Mt. Baker 7:35.5
Lane 3 – SRA (Samm.) 7:44.1
Lane 1 – ERA DNF


RACE 15 – Junior Men’s V8

Lane 1 – Mt. Baker 6:02.09
Lane 3 – Green Lake 6:09.05
Lane 2 – Pacific 6:10.57


RACE 20 – College Men’s Varsity 4

Lane 2 – UW 6:20.5
Lane 3 – UW 6:20.9
Lane 4 – WWU 6:43.7
Lane 1 – OSU 6:52.3



Class Day Weekend - March 25-26, 2011

2011 Class Day - Men 2011 Class Day - Women

A Study In Sportsmanship: The 110th Class Day Regatta

In Final Shot, Seniors Clinch Class Day Title

Huskies Juniors Win Class Day Regatta In Controversial Finish - Seattle Times

Class Day Regatta Kicks Off Spring Rowing Season

Photos:  Thank you Dan Mannisto:


Photos Ellen Ernst/WRF:

Women's Alum Race     #1 Fans of the alums - the UW Women's team line the Cut
Women's Challenge Man the lifeboats Seniors/Juniors Battle  
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Photos Eric Cohen/WRF:

Fred Schoch '73 entertained the VBC crowd with stories from the HOC (here watching his slide of the Huskies winning the HOC in 2010), and about his father Dutch Schoch, the namesake of the Schoch Trophy. National Championship Rings Bow Down The '70-'71 lightweights, Western Sprint champs in 1970 and 1971 (and a major presence at the boathouse) but never officially recognized by the UW.  Together as a team forty years later, they stand with their newly issued letters.
Women alums on the apron after a 1k race down the Cut.  Thank you Denni and all of the organizers of this event! The Class of '61 picked up where they left off 50 years ago. Thank you guys for the new oars and the reunion! Juniors and Senior Men, Senior Women with the hardware Senior Women
The Hess family dedicates the Myken "Spike" Ellison, in honor of Andy's late sister Myken. Gill Perry and family with the newly dedicated William "Hart" Perry, in honor of the late Hart Perry, a true friend of Washington Rowing. Juniors Seniors
2011 Inspirational Athletes: Sarah Velling and Bede Clarke 2011 Captains: Kerry Simmonds and Max Weaver 2011 Schaller Scholarship (Highest GPA): Beddome Allen and Katherine Mahoney

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