2010 Race Results

Note to readers: The information on this page was written in 2010. Unfortunately, over time, news sources will remove older articles, so you will find some dead-end links here, but all of the photos and information we wrote at the time remains in full!

Henley - Temple Cup - Henley, England; June 29 -July 4, 2010

Full coverage of the Men's Frosh 8 winning the 2010 Temple Cup can be found here - Washington at Henley 2010

IRA's - Cherry Hill, NJ; June 3-5, 2010



  Simon Taylor  
Video: Jeremy Cothran, UW Athletics

Photos: Nick Cvetkovic/Huskycrew.org
Sponsored by the WRF (Eric Cohen '82, Al Forney '82)

Team Champions Open 4+    

End of the Line for Most Dominant Husky Ever

Washington Captures Fourth Straight Ten Eyck Trophy

Cal crew stuns Huskies, seizes IRA crown | Seattle Times Newspaper

Washington takes the team "Ten Eyck" Trophy for the 4th year in a row.

V8 Recap; Silver: Brown out fast with Washington and Harvard on the chase.  At 250m it is Washington by 2 seats...now 4 seats at 350m. Cal making a move with Harvard at 500m, moving back on the Huskies. California even with Washington at 800m, Cal at 38 moving ahead.  Cal up by 2 seats at 1000m, 3 seats at 500m, into the sprint.  Cal to 42, Washington 43, both crews straining.  Cal continues to hold off the Huskies in the sprint, Washington closing the gap but Cal digs it out, winning by a seat.

Listen: IRA Varsity 8 Call

1 California 05:23.897
2 Washington 05:24.160
3 Cornell 05:30.356
4 Harvard 05:31.106
5 Brown 05:40.513
6 Syracuse 05:43.902

2V8 Recap; National Champions:
Brown out hard, 2 seats over Washington and Cornell at 300m.  Huskies with move at 600m, move to even.  Crews continue level in a battle at 800m, Huskies at 38, Brown at a 36.  Brown and Washington pulling away from the pack.  Brown with a big move at 1000m puts 3 seats on the Huskies, long and strong through the 500m mark maintaining that lead.  Washington not as comfortable, Brown begins their sprint and looks to be in command as the Huskies begin to claw back.  With 200m left it is Washington on the move.  100m left and the crews are even, Washington pushing their bow in front in a screaming finish... crossing the line a seat ahead to win the National Championship.

Listen: IRA 2V8 Call

1 Washington 05:32.083*
2 Brown 05:32.425*
3 Harvard 05:38.789
4 Wisconsin 05:42.688
5 Cornell 05:45.094
6 California 05:48.192

*Course Record for 2V8

Frosh 8 Recap; National Champions:
Stanford out fast with Cal, but Huskies to 37.5 at 250m take a 2 seat lead.  At 500m Washington and Cal drawing away, Huskies by 4 seats.  At 800m Washington at a 36.5, about 8 seats up but moving to a length at 1000m. Harvard moving back on Cal, then Cornell into the mix.  Cornell moves into 2nd, as the Huskies start to pull away with some open water.  500m left and the Huskies go to 37.5, but the pack behind starts to reel back in, Cal and Cornell fighting it out for 2nd. Princeton now making a strong move in the pack. At the finish it is Washington by 8 seats, Cal 2nd, Princeton 3rd.

Listen: IRA Freshmen 8 Call

1 Washington 05:35.796
2 California 05:37.615
3 Princeton 05:38.094
4 Cornell 05:38.291
5 Harvard 05:41.979
6 Stanford 05:51.216

Varsity 4+ Recap; National Champions:
Washington out hard at the start, crews powering out of the gates.  At 300m Washington up by 2 seats.  At 500m Huskies solid, up by 4 seats, but Cal moving, then Wisco.  Lead cut to 3 seats, but at 750 Huskies settle in and start to draw away with a very strong move.  At 1000 it is Washington over Cal over Wisco, the Huskies rate down to 33.  A little open water on the field as they cross 1250, rowing comfortably, Wisco and Cal dueling it out behind them.  Rates begin to creep up at 500m, Georgetown getting into the mix, passing Cal, then Wisco.  Across the line it is Washington by a length, with three boats very close for 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Listen: IRA Varsity 4+ Race Call

1 Washington 06:17.395
2 Georgetown 06:20.524
3 Wisconsin 06:20.985
4 California 06:21.788
5 Stanford 06:25.708
6 Brown 06:27.547

Open 4+ Recap; Bronze
Crews out even in the first 200m. Cornell and Wisconsin move into the lead across the 500m, Cal and Washington not far behind.  Cornell continues to pull away from the field in the 2nd 500m though, moving to open water, Wisconsin in 2nd, then 2 seats back to Cal, with 2 seats over Washington.  Cornell with a half length of open water at 800m over Wisco and Cal.  Wisco with a solid move at 1000m, raising the stroke rate to a 37 pulls into 2nd.  At 500m, Washington has moved to within a half length of Wisconsin with a move, drawing away from Cal and Brown.  Across the line, Wisconsin holds off the Huskies move, Cornell winning by open water, Wisconsin 2nd, Huskies 3rd.

Listen: IRA Open 4+ Race Call

1 Cornell 06:16.781*
2 Wisconsin 06:21.733
3 Washington 06:22.862
4 Brown 06:24.731
5 California 06:26.230
6 Oregon State 06:32.510

*Course Record for Open 4+

Saturday, June 5th

June 5th

Time (Eastern)

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6


Open 4+ Grand Final 8:48 a.m. Brown Washington Cornell Wisconsin Cal Oregon St.
V4+ Grand Final 9:12 a.m. Georgetown Stanford Wisconsin Washington Cal Brown
F8 Grand Final 10:15 a.m. Cornell Princeton Washington Cal Harvard Stanford
2V8 Grand Final 10:45 a.m. Wisconsin Harvard Cal Washington Brown Cornell
V8 Grand Final 12:15 p.m. Cornell Cal Harvard Washington Brown Syracuse

Saturday Finals Schedule: 2010_IRA_Saturday_Lane Schedule.pdf

Live Results Here - IRA National Championship Race Results

Live Audio of Saturday's Races Will be Here - IRA Live Audio Broadcast

Watch here for live updates: UW Husky Crew (UWHuskyCrew) on Twitter

Huskies edge California in tuneup for IRA crew showdown | Seattle Times Newspaper

Huskies Advance All Five Boats To IRA Grand Finals

Friday Semi-Final Photos:  Thank you Nick Cvetkovic

2V8   V8  
Husky Tent!      

Huskies Win Heats On First Day At IRAs

Huskies cruise to fastest time in first day of men's crew championships | Seattle Times Newspaper

Friday, 6/4 Schedule (all times Eastern)
Note: Derived from an Excel spreadsheet: Formatting on your screen may be affected:

Time Race Event Heat Qualify Lane 1   Lane 2   Lane 3   Lane 4   Lane 5   Lane 6  
9:30 5 Men's Semi #1 Note #2 Yale   Harvard   Washington   Cornell   Brown   Navy  
9:45 6 Open Semi #2 Note #2 Princeton   California   Wisconsin   OSU   Boston U.   Pennsylvania  
10:00 7 Men's Semi #1 Note #2 Temple   California   Washington   Yale   Brown   Princeton  
10:15 8 Varsity Semi #2 Note #2 Syracuse   Georgetown   Stanford   Wisconsin   G. Wash.   Pennsylvania  
11:15 9 Men's Semi #1 Note #2 Navy   Boston U.   California   Harvard   Stanford   OSU  
11:30 10 Freshman Semi #2 Note #2 Wisconsin   Princeton   Washington   Cornell   Brown   Columbia  
11:45 11 Men's Semi #1 Note #2 Boston U.   Cornell   California   Harvard   Northeastern   Columbia  
12:00 12 2V Semi #2 Note #2 Yale   Wisconsin   Washington   Brown   Princeton   Syracuse  
12:15 13 Men's Semi #1 Note #2 Syracuse   Columbia   Washington   California   Boston U.   Northeastern  
12:30 14 Varsity Semi #2 Note #2 Cornell   Dartmouth   Harvard   Yale   Brown   Princeton  
Note #1:  1st  and 2nd Place in each Heat Advance to Grand Final, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Place to Repechage
Note #2:  Places 1-3 in Semifinals # 1 & #2 to Grand Final, Places 4-6 to Petite Final
Note #3:  1st and 2nd  in each Repechage Advance to Grand Final, Remainder to Petite Final

Princeton Serves As Home Away From Home For Huskies

Washington men's crew program extends global recruiting reach | Seattle Times Newspaper

Live Results Here - IRA National Championship Race Results

No. 1 Huskies Look To Defend Title At IRA Championships

IRA Schedule and Lane Assignments for Thursday June 3, 2010.pdf

Washington Entered In V8, 2V8, F8, V4+ and Open 4+

IRA2010 - Three day 2010 IRA Schedule.pdf

Cooper River Park, NJ - Google Maps

7-Day Forecast for Cherry Hill, NJ

NCAA's - Sacramento, CA; May 28-30, 2010

Photos: Brian Jackson/Huskycrew.org
Sponsored by the WRF (Eric Cohen '82, Al Forney '82)


UW varsity four places sixth, varsity eights place fifth in NCAA rowing

Huskies Conclude Season At NCAA Championships

Virginia Wins NCAA Team Title; Yale Takes V8

Washington Finishes 10th In Team Standings

Listen - V8 Grand Final Race Call (mp3)

Listen - V8 Petite Final Race Call (mp3)

Listen - 2V8 Petite Final Race Call (mp3)

Listen - V4+ Grand Final Race Call (mp3)

Complete Standings - NCAA Points Calculation

Washington V4+ Takes 6th, 2V8 4th in Petite, V8 5th in Petite

Video Is Live Here: CBS College Sports All-Access

Sunday, 5/30  


Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
10:15 a.m. V4+ Grand Virginia Cal USC Washington Wisc Brown
10:45 a.m. 2V8 Petite Washington Wisc WSU MSU Yale Ohio St.
11:30 a.m. V8 Petite MSU Mich UCLA Brown Wisc Washington
Huskycrew will have live updates on team points Sunday here: NCAA Points Calculation.  Only two schools - Virginia and Cal - qualified crews into all three Grand Finals and are now the team favorites heading into Sunday.  Both Princeton and Stanford have crews in the 2V and V8 Grands, while USC has crews in the V8 and V4, and Brown in the 2V and V4 Grands.  Watch also for Yale, with a strong V8 in the Grand and crews in both the V4 and 2V8 petites.  The remainder of the field, including Washington, is wide open and in solid position, given strong Sunday performances, to move up in the team standings.

Live Splits: JAMCO - 2010 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships

UW Tent and Food Info Here -
Husky Crew Parents

7-Day Forecast for Fair Oaks, CA

Varsity Four Advances To Grand Finals At NCAAs

Saturday, 5/29  


Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
9:00 a.m. V8 - Semi 1 Cal Virginia Yale UCLA MSU Washington
9:30 a.m. 2V8 - Semi 1 Virginia Brown Cal Yale Washington MSU
10:30 a.m. V4+ Semi 2 Washington Cal Brown Yale Stanford MSU
Top 3 in semis to Grand Finals; rest to Petite Finals Sunday

All Three Husky Boats Advance To NCAA Semifinals

Photos: Katie Gardner '05

V8 2V8    

Friday 3:40 p.m.: V8 advances to semis with 2nd place (Michigan, 1) in repechage.

Friday 11:00 a.m.: V4 advances to semis with 1st place in heat 2;  2V8 advances with 3rd (Brown and Michigan 1,2);  V8 4th and will row in p.m. repechage.

Directions to course, tickets, overall information - NCAA.com – The Official Website of NCAA Championships - Rowing

Friday, 5/28  


Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
8:45 a.m. V8 - Heat 1 Cal USC Mich St. Washington WSU  
10:00 a.m. 2V8 - Heat 3 Washington Brown Ohio St. Mich USC UCLA
10:30 a.m. V4+ Heat 2 Washington Yale UCLA USC WSU  
Top 3 in heats advance to semi-finals Saturday;  remainder to Friday afternoon repechages

Huskies | Washington women's crew hopes for better showing at NCAA championships | Seattle Times Newspaper

Streaming Video Expected (see the video tab in the blue bar):  NCAA.com – The Official Website of NCAA Championships - Rowing

Live Splits: JAMCO - 2010 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships

5/28 Heat Sheet - NCAA.com - 5/28 Heat Sheet

UW Tent and Food Info Here - Husky Crew Parents

7-Day Forecast for Fair Oaks, CA

Women's Crew Matches Up Against The Best At NCAA Championships

Start studying this: NCAA Points Calculation

Trafnik Burns Candle On Both Ends

Seattle & UW A Major Draw For Talented Tamsitt

D-I Rowing Championship Field Announced - NCAA.com – The Official Website of NCAA Championships

Pac-10's - Sacramento, CA; May 16, 2010

Photos: Katie Gardner '05

Tent   MF8  
W2V8   WV8  

Washington men's crew wins Pac-10 title

Huskies' Sweep Brings Home Pac-10 Championship

Gold, Bronze Hardware For Huskies At Pac-10's

Women's Team Points Calculation (real time):

  Novice 8 V4 2V8 V8 Total
Cal 2.5 6 10 21 39.5
Stan 3 4 14 18 39
UW 3.5 7 12 9 31.5
USC .5 3 6 15 24.5
UCLA 1 5 4 12 22
WSU 1.5 2 8 6 17.5
OSU 2 1 2 3 8

UW men's crew eyeing third Pac-10 title in four years

UW men’s crew looking for Pac-10 Title

All-Access Will Have The Races Webcast Live Here - All-Access - Rowing: Pac-10 Championship

Notice: Fans at Lake Natoma be advised: traffic near the venue and/or on way back to the airport could be impacted by the Tour of California Bicycle Race, the first stage finishing in Sacramento Sunday afternoon - Stage 1 | Amgen Tour of California

Huskies Hope To Peak At Pac-10 Championships

Pac-10 Conference - Pac-10 Rowing Championship Event Details, Directions, Parking

Hotels, Tent Information Here - Husky Crew Parents

Jamco Will Have Live Splits Here: JAMCO - 2010 Pac-10 Rowing Championships

Weather Forecast: 7-Day Forecast for Fair Oaks, CA

The Schedule (All Finals):


Time (a.m. pdt)

Men's Frosh 8


Women's Novice 8


Men's V4


Women's V4


Men's 2V8


Women's 2V8


Men's V8


Women's V8


Windermere Cup - May 1, 2010

Photos: Jason Scott '93


If you blinked, you missed an incredible weekend - Art Thiel

Helicopter Cam:  What was that UFO whirring over the Windermere Cup race?

Both UW crews claim Windermere Cup titles - The Daily of the University of Washington

HeraldNet: Husky crews dominate Windemere Cup

Huskies Topple Oxford, Syracuse For Windermere Cup Title

Boating season opening day | Photos from seattlepi.com

Gray skies can't put damper on boating season opener

Washington dominates Syracuse, Oxford - USATODAY.com

Syracuse University Athletics - Orange Shows Improvement at Windermere Cup

UW men, women cruise to Windermere Cup wins | Seattle Times Newspaper

The Seattle Times: Video - UW Crew Team Wins Windermere Cup

HeraldNet: Oxford rowers came to win at Montlake Cut

Photos: Ellen Ernst '83

  Jeremy, Katie, Mary WV4  
Men's Open 8     Women's Open 8
Women's N8   Men's F8  
W2V8 M2V8 WV8 MV8
 Erickson Cup   Erickson Cup  
Windermere Cup   Windermere Cup  

Video:  Eric Cohen '82:

Windermere Cup: MV8 Windermere Cup: WV8

Live Audio Here - 950 KJR Events Page

Live Webcast Here - CBS College Sports All-Access (go to Live Events)

Results/Times: Windemere Cup/Opening Day Race Results

FSN Broadcast of the WIndermere Cup and Opening Day festivities will air: 

Saturday, May 1               7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Monday, May 3                11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Monday, May 3                11:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.

Tuesday, May 4                5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Thursday, May 6               3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Everything you want to know about the Opening Day Boat Parade:  Seattle Yacht Club - Opening Day

Video: Washington men's and women's crews take on Oxford, Syracuse in Windermere Cup

Oxford highlights this year’s Windermere Cup

Syracuse Crew Coach Brings His Team Home » Kitsap Sun

Huskies move spring game to avoid Windermere Cup conflict

Windermere Cup Schedule & Boatings

Huskies | Historic Oxford rowing team competes in Seattle | Seattle Times Newspaper

Video: Aaron Prepares UW Rowers For Windermere Cup -- (Local Fox affiliate's Sport's Anchor in the MV8)

Rowing across the pond - (article about our own Rick Tarbill and his team - including Canadian Gold medalist Adam Kreek - that are planning a 2,600 mile ocean row)

Syracuse Travels to Washington For The Windermere Cup

Outdoors | Here are Opening Day boat parade and event details | Seattle Times Newspaper

Dark Blues from Oxford highlight Windermere Cup - USATODAY.com

Oxford & Washington Share Similarities In Rowing

McGee Shaped By Oxford Experience

Oxford & Syracuse Add Flair To Windermere Cup

Event Time RACES Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5
1 10:20 Mixed 4x (40+) Lake Washington Rowing Club Green Lake Crew Mt. Baker Rowing Club Sammamish Rowing Association  
2 10:22 Men's 8+ (age 50+) Vashon Island Rowing Club Pocock Rowing Club Corvallis Rowing Club Vic City Rowing Club  
3 10:24 Mixed 8+ (age 50+) Willamette Rowing Club Mt. Baker Rowing Club Ancient Mariners Rowing Club Lake Washington Rowing Club  
4 10:26 Women's 8 (age 30+) Station L Rowing Club Vancouver Rowing Club Green Lake Crew Pocock Rowing Club  
5 10:28 Women's 8 (age 50+) Conibear Rowing Club Sammamish Rowing Association Lake Union Crew Everett Rowing Club  
6 10:30 Women's 8 (age 60+) Martha's Moms Rowing Club Montlake Rowing Club Marin Rowing Vic City Rowing Club  
7 10:35 Men's Varsity 4+ University of Washington "A" Lake Union Crew University of Washington "B" Sammamish Rowing Association  
8 10:37 Women's Varsity 4+ University of Washington "A" University of Washington "B" University of Washington "C" University of Washington "D"  
9 10:41 Women's Freshman 8+ University of Washington "A" Western Washington University University of Washington "B"    
10 10:45 Men's Open 8+ University of Washington "A" Vancouver Rowing Club University of Washington "B" Pocock Rowing Club  
11 10:47 Boy's 4x Lake Union Crew Lake Stevens Rowing Club Sammamish Rowing Association Pocock Rowing Center  
12 10:49 Girl's 4x Vashon Island Rowing Club St. Michael's School Lake Union Crew Pocock Rowing Center Mt. Baker Crew
13 10:52 Girl's High School 8+ Holy Names Academy Lakeside School TBD    
14 10:54 Girl's Junior Club 8+ Sammamish Rowing Association Vic City Rowing Club Greenlake Crew Rose City Rowing Club Everett Rowing Club
15 10:57 Boy's High School 8+ Lakeside School Brentwood School St. Georges School Vashon Island Rowing Club  
16 10:59 Boy's Junior Club 8+ Rose City Rowing Club Marin Rowing Association Mt. Baker Cincinnati Junior Crew Vic City Rowing Club
17 11:02 Women's Open 8+ University of Washington "A" Western Washington University University of Washington "B"    
18 11:05 Men's Freshman 8+ University of Washington "A" Oregon State University "B" University of Washington "B" Oregon State "B"  
19 11:10 Women's Erickson Cascade Cup University of Washington Syracuse University Western Washington University    
20 11:20 Men's Erickson Cascade Cup University of Washington Syracuse University Oregon State University    
21 11:25 Women's Windermere Cup University of Washington Oxford University Syracuse University    
22 11:35 Men's Windermere Cup Syracuse University University of Washington Oxford University    

Cal Dual - April 24, 2010

Video: Mark Wright - Video Loca/Huskycrew.org
Sponsored by the WRF (Eric Cohen '82, Al Forney '82)

Men's 2V8 Women's Novice 8
Men's V4+ Women's V4+
Men's V8 Men's Frosh 8

Photos: Brian Jackson/Huskycrew.org
Sponsored by the WRF (Eric Cohen '82, Al Forney '82)


Huskies Take 6 Of 8 Against Archrival Cal

Live Results:

Event Time (pdt) Lane 1 Lane 2


MV4 9:00 Wash Cal UW 6:42.5  Cal  6:46.3
WV4 9:10 Cal Wash UW 7:26.5   Cal 7:27.7
MF8 9:20 Cal Wash UW 5:51.8  Cal  6:06.7
WN8 9:30 Wash Cal UW 7:03.2   Cal 7:11.8
M2V8 9:40 Cal Wash UW 5:53.8   Cal 5:57.7
W2V8 9:50 Cal Wash Cal 6:46.1  UW  6:50.7
MV8 10:05 Wash Cal UW 5:31.6**  Cal  5:35.7
WV8 10:20 Cal Wash Cal 6:17.4  UW 6:20.9

Conditions: Sunny; occasional light breeze to starboard in the open area; changing to light tailwind thru first 1k, calm in 2nd 1k.
Times Unofficial
** Unofficial New Course Record: previous course record we could find was in 2000 -- 5:36.26 set by Cal in their dual against Stanford: JAMCO 2000 Regatta Index;  but there may be other times since and we will continue to research

West Coast Showdown For UW & Cal

Huskycrew will have live results on our home page Saturday morning.

From the archives (originally published 4/11/09), some background on "Dual" vs. "Duel":  Why is it called a Dual Regatta when it really is a "duel" between 2 schools?  We get this question regularly so we thought we would put it in our latest news section at the beginning of the season.  A "Dual Meet" is an athletic competition specifically between two opposing teams (not an invitational, open, or championship meet) and is traditionally used in racing sports, i.e. track and field, rowing, swimming, etc. to denote a competition directly between two schools/clubs etc.  The rowing world generally removes the word "meet", usually replacing it with regatta or race, although sometimes just shortening it to "Dual".  Technically that's where the problem comes in: the word gets changed from an adjective to a noun.  The word duel is a noun that refers specifically to a formal fight, usually to the death, between two people. Could we figuratively call some of these historical dual regattas duels?  Probably.  Could they have come up with a better set of words than "dual regatta"... to describe a race between two teams?  Probably.  But it's tradition now, and Huskycrew definitely does not go against tradition! (More can be found in our history section here - University of Washington Rowing 100-Year History; not only "dual", but "triangular" regattas date back to the 1910's)

Lake Union - April 17, 2010

Thompson Epitomizes Walk-On Tradition At UW

Photos: Eric Cohen '82:

Lake Union 4/17      
      Callahan and Class of '82: Cohen, Erickson, Nordstrom, Forney

UW/WSU/OSU - April 10, 2010



UW crews dominant against OSU, WSU

Huskies Take 15 of 16 Against Their Northwest Rivals

Photos: Jason Scott '93:

  WV8   M2V8

Photos: Dwight Phillips '71:

  MV8   WV8
MF8 W2V8    

Photos: Ellen Ernst '83:

Large File

Huskies Back On The Montlake Cut For Northwest-Flavored Regatta

Minett Lends Her Talents To Building A Program

Schedule (subject to change):

8:10am MJV8 UW, WSU
8:20am M3F8 UW, WSU, WSU
8:30am M3V8 UW, WSU
8:40am M1F8 UW, OSU
8:50am MV8 UW, OSU
9:00am WV8 UW, WSU
9:30am WV4 UW, WSU, UW
9:40am MJV8 UW, OSU
9:50am W1N8 UW, WSU
10:00am M2F8 UW, OSU, WSU
10:10am WJV8 UW, WSU
10:40am W2N8 UW, WSU
10:50am MJV4 UW, WSU
11:00am W2V4 UW, WSU
11:10am MF4 UW, UW, WSU
11:20am MV4 UW, UW, WSU


Stanford/Pac-10 Challenge - April 3,4, 2010

UW men’s crew runs away with Stanford Invitational

Washington women row to sweep of Iowa

Huskies Wrap Up Successful Weekend In Bay Area With Sweep Of Iowa

More Photos, thank you Dan Mannisto (pw:  Dawgs): http://mannisto.smugmug.com/Crew/Stanford-Regatta-Apr-2010

4/4/10 Washington vs. Iowa, Women

Event Time Lane 1 Lane 2


WV8 9:10 a.m. Wash Iowa Wash 6:48.5  Iowa 6:56.9
W2V8 9:40 a.m. Iowa Wash Wash 6:57.8  Iowa 7:12.6
WN8 10:20 a.m. Wash Iowa Wash 7:15.1  Iowa 7:32.7

Washington Captures Wins In Eight Of Nine Races

4/3/10 Washington vs. Wisconsin, Women
Photos: Brian Jackson/Huskycrew.org
Sponsored by the WRF (Eric Cohen '82, Al Forney '82)


Live Results:

Event Time Lane 1 Lane 2


WV8 3:00pm Wisc Wash Wash 6:49.7  Wisc 6:51.8
W2V8 3:30pm Wisc Wash Wash 6:51.3  Wisc 6:54.4
WN8 4:40pm UC Davis Wash Wash 7:17.2  UC Davis 7:42.0

3:00pm conditions: Sally is reporting sunny, temperature 60's, quartering sustained wind from 1200m to the finish.

4/3/10 Washington vs. Stanford, Men and Women
Photos: Brian Jackson/Huskycrew.org
Sponsored by the WRF


Live Results:

Event Time Lane 1 Lane 2 Finish
WV8 9:20 a.m. Wash Stanford Stanford 6:31.2  Wash 6:44.9
W2V8 9:50 a.m. Stanford Wash Wash 6:46.0  Stanford 6:49.6
MV8 10:20 a.m. Stanford Wash Wash 5:43.6  Stanford 5:57.5
M2V8 10:30 a.m. Wash Stanford Wash 5:48.6  Stanford 6:08.2
MF8 10:40 a.m. Stanford Wash Wash 5:46.0  Stanford 6:04.3
WN8 11:10 a.m. Wash Stanford Wash 7:09.5  Stanford 7:23.0

Husky Crew Twitter Feed - UW Husky Crew on Twitter

Stanford Invitational Offers Early Test To Spring Season

Tough Stanford team awaits UW crews - The Daily

Full Schedule and Lane Draw - Pac10ChallengeLaneDraw10.pdf

Saturday April 3
WV8 9:20 a.m. Stanford/Wash
W2V8 9:50 a.m. Stanford/Wash
MV8 10:20 a.m. Stanford/Wash
M2V8 10:30 a.m. Stanford/Wash
MF8 10:40 a.m. Stanford/Wash
WN8 11:10 a.m. Stanford/Wash
WV8 3:00 p.m. Wisc/Wash
WV8 3:30 p.m. Wisc/Wash
WN8 4:40 p.m. UC Davis/Wash
Sunday April 4
WV8 9:10 a.m. Iowa/Wash
W2V8 9:40 a.m. Iowa/Wash
WN8 10:20 a.m. Iowa/Wash


Class Day Weekend - March 26 and 27, 2010

March 27: Class Day

UW crew holds Class Day Regatta

Junior Men, Senior Women Take Home Class Day Titles

Junior men, senior women take UW Class Day Regatta - Seattle Times

More Photos, thank you Dan Mannisto (pw:  Dawgs): http://mannisto.smugmug.com/Crew/UW-Class-Day-2010

Go Huskies Photo Gallery



2010 Class Day - Men 2010 Class Day - Women

Photos: Sally Struzyna

Women's Varsity Challenge   Women  
Men's Start   500m  

Photos: Eric Cohen/WRF

Grunties '10W Warm- Up '11M Warm-Up Varsity Challenge
Sam hits the Accelerator Unclassifieds '10 Women '13 Women
Men: '11, '13, '12 Stewards Tristine, Matt, Ian, Kara Seniors Seniors
Varsity Challenge Victors Dick Erickson Scholarship Award Winner Hans Struzyna '11 With Mrs. Virginia Varnell Dunn, Daughter of George Varnell (The Varnell Trophy) '10W, '11M, 2010 Class Day Champions
2010 Schaller Award Winners Isabelle Woodward and Sam Ojserkis 2010 Inspirational Athletes Rosie DeBoef and Tom Kicinski 2010 Commodores Erin Knox and Simon Taylor 2010 Captains Adrienne Martelli and Ty Otto

100th VBC Banquet Sends 2009 Out In Style

Class Day Regatta Marks Start Of 2010 Season

March 26:  VBC Awards Banquet (Photos Eric Cohen/WRF)

Sold-out VBC Banquet: Downstairs Sold-out VBC Banquet: Upstairs HOF Members '48 - '50 Crews:  Ed Hearing, Al Morgan, and Bob Will Ellen Ernst honoring the 1970 and 1980 Women's National Champions
VBC Induction Bow Down '09 V4+ Pac-10 Champions and Open 4+ National Champions Receive Their Championship Rings '09 Frosh 8 Receive Their National Championship Rings
'09 2V8 Receive Their National Championship Rings Simon, Will, and Michael and the Presentation of National Championship Rings to the '09 V8 Jocelyn Curry, Ellen Ernst, Colleen Cheesman, and Janice Stell Colin and Ben

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