Men's 2009 Summary:

- IRA Sweep: V8, 2V8, F8, Open 4+ National Champions; Team "Ten Eyck" National Champions
- 2V8, F8, V4+ Pac-10 Champions
- Windermere Cup Champions
- Cal Dual Sweep
- Frosh Win Class Day
- V8 Wins Fall '08 HOC Champ 8+


Women's 2009 Summary:

- Team Takes 7th at NCAA's; V8, 2V8, V4+ all with freshmen at stroke
- Pac-10's: Novice 8 Gold, secures undefeated season
- V8 Windermere Cup Champions
- Team Sweeps WSU on the Snake
- Juniors Win Class Day
- V8 2nd Collegiate Fall '08 HOC Champ 8+

Washington Rowing - 2009

2009 Race Results

Note to readers: The information on this page was written in 2009. Unfortunately, over time, news sources will remove older articles, so you will find some dead-end links here, but all of the photos and information we wrote at the time remains in full!

IRA's - Lake Natoma, CA, June 4-6, 2009

"It's Unreal"
V8 With Comeback For the Ages

Unprecedented 6th All-Time IRA 8's Sweep:
1936, 1937, 1948; 1950; 1997; 2009


Listen: Bob Jaugstetter/Fred Schoch V8 Race Call: "...45 for Washington, they have a half a seat lead. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Washington by 2 seats. Washington will be your National Champion." (6 mb mp3)

Last 1000 meters transcript (pauses denoted by **):  Ok Bob, This is a tremendous duel in the center of this lake, between California and Stanford.  It’s almost like they’re having their private dual race here.  Washington right beside them in lane 1, but can’t seem to muster the hull speed to get up in the pack.  Brown is now making a push in lane 5 and separating itself from BU and Harvard by a couple/three seats.  California is taking a push, but so is Washington. **  California up to 37 - three and a half, four seats up on Stanford, but Washington is on the move. **  Washington 37.5 took a pop, and they’re coming back level with Stanford. **  750 to go.  Washington’s not quite level with Stanford yet, Cal still your leader by 4 seats. **  Brown in fourth.  Brown with a ¾ length lead over Harvard and BU. **  Cal and Stanford 36.  Washington - you can see the effort and their bodies swinging open, they’re trying to get back into this race and claim the national title. **  Washington moving up to claim second now from Stanford, it’s very close.  500 meters to go.  Does California have the juice to stay ahead. ** 4:25 to the 1500. **  Washington on the move. **  Can they beat Cal?  California 4 seats still on Washington and Stanford. Washington 39. **  California will not be denied. **  39 Cal. Washington another seat against Cal.  Washington.  Washington.  On the inside coming up, 250 to go, can the white blades of Washington catch the Golden Bears? **  Stanford being left behind.  It’s Washington or Cal.  Washington or Cal.  Cal 41.  Washington another half a seat.  40 for Washington.  They’ve been patient.  Can they catch Cal?  **  Washington is level with Cal! ** Cal 43.  Whose gonna win it.  Cal or Washington.  Cal or Washington. **  45 for Washington, they have a half a seat lead, I can’t believe what I’m seeing.  Washington up by 2 seats.  Washington will be your National Champions!

Michael Callahan: "We don't do this alone. Stan Pocock came down to the boathouse last week and told us it's not about the boat, it's about the guys in the boat and their heart.  And that is something that came through today.  How can you say anything more about the Husky crew family?
(mp3, 4 minutes)

Luke McGee on the Frosh: "We really talk a lot about just winning that base speed...they had an awesome last two weeks of getting ready for the IRA - they had a really great preparation where they actually found a bit more speed so I thought they were rowing really well coming in..." (mp3, 1.5 minutes)

Rob Gibson: "I walk into that locker room and everyday I see the '97 crews that swept.  It's unreal.  It was a full team effort today.  From all the guys here to all the guys who didn't get here, but showed up everyday to push us harder..."
(mp3, 3 minutes)

IRA Championships - Day 3 - Coach/Athlete Quotes

Historical perspective:  Washington has swept the eights at the IRA for the 6th time.  They were the first University to do it in 1936 (had not been done before that year), repeated again in '37, swept in both '48 and '50, again in 1997 and now 2009.  Checking Tom Mendenhall's A Short History of American Rowing and the Rowing History website, Cornell is the closest with three sweeps in '54, '55 and '58;  Navy did it twice in '52 and '65;  Penn did it in '68, Wisconsin pulled the trifecta in 1973, Brown did it in '94, and Princeton in '96. Results from the fours in '94 and '96 are not presently available so at this point we can not definitively say whether this is the first ever sweep with a fours victory (although it is for Washington), but certainly the sweep in 2009 is up in the rarified air of Collegiate Rowing competition.

Photos:  Brian Jackson/ - Incredible pics, thank you Brian:

Max Hans Anthony BJ
Rob Jesse Simon Will
  Katelin V8  

Video of the Awards Ceremony with Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson presenting the Challenge Cup to the V8, a special rendition of Bow Down to Washington, and the team with the Ten Eyck trophy:
(Video Adam Strickler; Washington Rowing Foundation; Flash movie)


Photos:  Brian Jackson/

Team   Open 4+  
V4+     F8

Photos:  Gil Bazri/ - thank you Gil

Max V8    
    Open 4+  
  V4+ F8  

Photos: Jason Scott '96/WRF - thank you Jason


Thank you Sherry Meininghaus:


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Huskies | Huskies celebrate crew championships | Seattle Times Newspaper

Row2k Coverage: IRA Regatta Race Results

HeraldNet: Huskies sweep rowing crowns

Washington overtakes Cal for rowing title - Sacramento Sports | Sacramento Bee

Crew U: Huskies claim another national title

Huskies | Gold oar for UW; Huskies win varsity eight, team IRA titles | Seattle Times Newspaper

National Champions! Huskies Sweep Eights To Win The 107th IRA Regatta

Washington Wins Ten Eyck Team Trophy with 198 points; Cal 2nd with 178; Brown 3rd with 174

V8 recap: Washington V8 - National Champions: Cal and Stanford rocket out of the gates, Cal at a 50.  Washington in the mix, stays within 4 seats at 500m, but Stanford and Cal get locked into a duel and inch away from the field.  At 1000m, it is Cal and Stanford neck and neck, with Washington trailing now by 8 seats, the margin expanding even further until Washington begins to up the stroke rate, going from a 35 at 800m left to a 37, then to a 39 at the 500m mark, now edging forward to take over second but still trailing the Bears by 4 seats.  With 250m left the rate goes to a 45, Cal holding off the charging Huskies, but with 100m left Washington puts their bow in front, and drives across the line 2 seats ahead to win the Challenge Cup.  Times from Jamco:

1 WAS 5:50.91 1:22.92
2 CAL 5:51.80 1:24.74
3 STN 5:56.45 1:28.02
4 BRN 5:58.73 1:28.10
5 HAR 6:01.64 1:28.66
6 BOS 6:02.68 1:29.37

2V8 recap: Washington 2V8 - National Champions:  Washington explodes off the start, taking 3 seats on the field in the first 20 strokes.  By 400 meters in the crew had shifted to a 35, then a 34, while Brown, in lane 2 maintained a 37-38, about a half length back.  Washington rowed the mid-1000 methodically and in complete control, keeping the over-stroking Brown crew about 8 seats back and just gradually moving further in front.  In the sprint, the crew brought the stroke rate up to a 37 but lost no spacing, putting a little bit of open water on Brown as they crossed in front, Brown taking 2nd, Cal 3rd.  In this race Washington rowed the fastest 500m times at all 4 splits.  Times from Jamco:

1 WAS 5:51.47 1:27.28
2 BRN 5:55.75 1:28.65
3 CAL 5:58.26 1:28.41
4 BOS 5:59.77 1:28.17
5 HAR 6:00.04 1:28.88
6 WIS 6:02.80 1:29.88

Frosh 8 recap:  Washington Frosh 8 - National Champions:  Powerful start puts the Huskies up on the field by a half boat length in the first 250 meters.  The team continues to draw away with a crushing 2nd 500m, with open water by the midway point.  From that point on the Huskies maintain about the same margin, close to 2 boat lengths, through to the finish, to capture the Steward's Cup for the first time since 2006.  Harvard finishes 2nd, Brown 3rd.  Times from Jamco:

1 WAS 5:50.68 1:26.99
2 HAR 5:57.83 1:26.50
3 BRN 5:58.27 1:28.58
4 CAL 6:00.81 1:27.55
5 WIS 6:03.39 1:28.15
6 COR 6:04.54 1:31.71

Varsity 4+ recap: Washington V4+ - Silver: Washington, Cal, Princeton and Wisconsin all off the line quickly, Washington looking strong as they cross 500m.  At about 800m in Cal puts a solid move on the field and moves out to a 4 seat lead, then extends it after the 1000m mark to go up by a solid length.  Washington begins to close the margin in the late stages of the 3rd 500, then puts on the sprint, closing hard, but this time Cal is able to hold off the charge, winning by 3-4 seats, Washington taking second. Times from Jamco:

1 CAL 6:32.65 1:36.70
2 WAS 6:34.00 1:34.76
3 PRN 6:38.19 1:37.64
4 WIS 6:41.70 1:40.16
5 HAR 6:45.49 1:38.18
6 GEO 6:53.29 1:44.27

Open 4+ recap: Washington Open 4+ - National Champions: Wisconsin and Cal wind it up at the start, neck and neck through 500m, with Washington trailing by 4 seats.  Wisconsin continues to move out at a high rate, putting a full length on Washington, who begins to draw back even with Cal. Washington stroking 32-33, Wisconsin 35-36 through the 3rd 500, the Huskies moving back slightly but still not cracking the Wisconsin crew.  With about 400m left Washington kicks the rate up, and Wisconsin holds them off until about 25 strokes left, when Washington begins to power through, taking the lead with about 100m left and winning by a deck. Times from Jamco:

1 WAS 6:35.48 1:37.18
2 WIS 6:36.33 1:40.33
3 CAL 6:45.16 1:44.27
4 NAV 6:47.98 1:43.35
5 SYR 6:53.99 1:43.93
6 PRN 6:56.14 1:46.58


Saturday, June 6th


Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6


Open 4+ Grand Final 9:00 a.m. Washington 1st Wisconsin 2nd Navy 4th Cal 3rd Princeton 6th Syracuse 5th
V4+ Grand Final 9:24 a.m. Harvard 5th Washington 2nd Princeton 3rd Cal 1st Wisconsin 4th Georgetown 6th
F8 Grand Final 10:00 a.m. Harvard 2nd Washington 1st Brown 3rd Cal 4th Wisconsin 5th Cornell 6th
2V8 Grand Final 10:30 a.m. Washington 1st Brown 2nd Cal 3rd BU 4th Harvard 5th Wisconsin 6th
V8 Grand Final 12:15 p.m. Washington 1st Cal 2nd Stanford 3rd Harvard 5th Brown 4th BU 6th

Pac-10 boats will clash in IRA finals - Sacramento Sports | Sacramento Bee

Huskies | UW's top men's crew wins second semifinal | Seattle Times Newspaper

Saturday Race Schedule.pdf

Live Streaming Video - IRA Live Video

Live Splits Here -  JAMCO - 2009 IRA Championship Regatta

Watch here for live updates: UW Husky Crew (UWHuskyCrew) on Twitter

Friday, June 5, 2009

Varsity Eight Wins Semi, Advances To Grand Final At IRA Championships Regatta

12:10 pm: Washington wins their semi-final.  Brown and Stanford both take a quick start, Stanford up by a half length by 250m.  Washington in 3rd through 500m.  Stanford continues to pull out, leading by almost a length midway through, but over-stroking the Huskies.  In the 3rd 500m, Washington methodically begins to move back on Stanford, and with 400m to go takes the stroke rate up and draws even, then moves ahead in the last 200m to take the semi-final.

Friday 6/5/09     Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
V8 - Semi-Final A Top 3 to Grand Final 11:45 a.m. Cal Harvard BU Wisconsin Columbia Dartmouth
V8 - Semi-Final B Top 3 to Grand Final 12:00 noon Stanford Washington Brown Cornell Syracuse Northeastern

Huskies | UW crews win five of five races on opening day at IRA championships | Seattle Times Newspaper

Washington Huskies dominate first day of rowing championships | Sacramento Bee

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great Day For Men's Crew: 4 Of 5 Boats Qualify For Grand Finals

IRA Championships Rowing Quotes - Day 1

Washington V8 Wins IRA Heat, Advances to Fri. Semis; 2V8, F8, Open 4+, V4+ All Win Heats, Straight to Grand Finals Sat.

Thurs. 6/4/09     Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
V8 - Heat 2 Top 2 to semis 8:15 a.m. UCSD Geo. Wash Wisconsin Washington Navy Holy Cross
2V8 - Heat 2 1st to Grand Final; rest to rep 9:12 a.m. Gonzaga Stanford Washington Harvard Geo. Wash  
F8 - Heat 3 1st to Grand Final; rest to rep 10:00 a.m. BU Princeton Washington Wisconsin Northeastern UCSD
Open 4+ - Heat 2 1st to Grand Final; rest to rep 10:24 a.m. Navy Washington Princeton Harvard Syracuse  
V4+ - Heat 2 1st to Grand Final; rest to rep 10:48 a.m. San Diego Cal Washington Brown MIT Wisconsin

Live Splits Here - 
JAMCO - 2009 IRA Championship Regatta

Live Streaming Video - IRA Live Video

2009 IRA Regatta 6/4/09 Heat Sheet

Weather - 7-Day Forecast for Fair Oaks, CA

Watch here for live updates: UW Husky Crew (UWHuskyCrew) on Twitter

NCAA's - Camden, NJ, May 29-31, 2009

Audio - Bob Ernst on today's NCAA Finals: audio-video\Ernst09ncaa1.wav  "To have Pac-10 schools finish first-second is great for the Pac-10 Conference but its not so great if you keep getting banged over the head by them.  It was an uncomfortable day for me and for the Huskies because we're just not used to being the 7th best team in the country.  But I have to say to the credit of the event and to the credit of all the other coaches and programs out there, women's rowing is getting to be a phenomenal sport in this country..."

Audio - Bob Ernst on the Class of '09: audio-video\Ernst09ncaa2.wav "They're good kids, they're on their way, they're going to be successes at whatever they decide to do and certainly Washington Rowing can be as proud of them as they are of Washington Rowing..."

Sunday 5/31 Video: Leslie Conway/

V8 2V8 V4+

Sunday 5/31 Photos Dario Cantatore/


Huskies Finish Seventh At The NCAA Rowing Championships

5/31 Race recap:

Team Points: Washington takes 7th, placing significantly higher than the team as a whole was originally seeded.  Two big factors, by fractions of seconds: The V4+ holding off Michigan by 3/10ths of a second for the one additional point.  That point put the Husky team in 7th vs. 9th.  The other factor affecting Washington indirectly was USC holding off Ohio St. in the V8 Petite final by 2/100ths of a second (an inch).  A solid effort by the entire team, the 2V8 getting into the Grand Final Saturday (and picking up 24 points in the final) set the stage for this outcome.  Click here for the final Team Points Calculation - NCAA Points Calculation

V4+: Petite Final:  Huskies out fast with the field and row neck and neck with Michigan down the course, Washington with a gut check to pull out 3rd over Michigan by about 2 feet and finish 9th overall.

2V8: Grand Final:  Washington with an explosive start, bunched with the leaders through 500m, but trail the leaders by 1000m.  Brown overtakes in the last 1000m, but the Huskies hold off Virginia for 5th.

V8: Petite Final:  Michigan St. puts the pedal to the metal from the get go, with Michigan and USC going with, Huskies back in 4th.  Ohio St. moves slowly away from Washington for 4th, while Michigan moves ahead of Mich St. until about 100m left, when Michigan catches an over-the-head crab, puts it back together but falls 4/100ths of a second behind MSU, Huskies coming in 5th (11th overall).

Start studying this - NCAA Points Calculation

Sunday, 5/31 Finals for Washington:
V4+: Petite Final, 10:00 a.m. edt (7:00 a.m. Seattle Time)
2V8: Grand Final, 11:00 a.m. edt (8:00 a.m. Seattle Time)
V8: Petite Final, 11:30 a.m. edt (8:30 a.m. Seattle Time)

Semi-Final Photos - thank you Katie Gardner:

2V8   V4+  


NCAA Rowing Day Two - Quotes

Bob Ernst: "I was sitting out there on my bike waiting for them to get organized and get going and I'll be honest with you. Some people respond favorably in that situation, and other people don't have quite the same juice the second time they start. I think they did everything, in terms of protocol, right. And the big game in that situation is to stay warmed up and to stay ready and all that business. Certainly Virginia and Stanford were the teams to beat and they went out and did it. I thought on a good day, maybe we could pick off Brown, but it just wasn't in the cards today. Sometimes it works out fine for them and sometimes it doesn't. Today I would say that's kind of unfortunate for the varsity girls."

Husky Second Varsity Heads To Grand Final Sunday

5/30 Semi-Final Recap: 2V8 Into Grands; V8, V4+ Into Petites
V8: Semi-Final 1: - Washington 5th in re-rowed semi; ejection crab/bailout in Clemson shell in first 200 meters (very close to breakage line) forces 45 minute delay; Virginia, Stanford, Brown advance to Grand, Washington to Petite Final;  2V8 in a gutsy performance, going from 3rd to 2nd and finishing a half length behind winner Stanford; Husky V4+ just misses Grands, Virginia charging in the last 200m to take 3rd.

Huskies | Three UW crews make NCAA semifinals | Seattle Times Newspaper

Schedule/Results: Results

Photos - thank you Katie Gardner:

V8     2V8

All Three Husky Boats Advance To NCAA Semifinals

Steve Kelley | The Zen of Crew: heaven and hell on the water | Seattle Times Newspaper

V8: Heat 1: 8:45 am edt  UW advances to semis
2V8: Heat 1: 9:30 am edt UW advances to semis
V4+: Heat 3: 10:45 am edt UW advances to semis

Heats: First, second and third places directly to Saturday 5/30 semis;  all others to 5/29 afternoon repechage (one rep per event)

5/29 Heat Sheet in pdf:
5-29 Lane Assignments.pdf

Watch the Heats Streaming Live: CBS College Sports All-Access


Main Information Page:
NCAA ROWING: 2009 National Championships

Schedule - Rowing - 2009 NCAA Championship Schedule Of Events.pdf

NCAA Championships On Tap For Women's Crew

Maintaining Tradition - The Daily of the University of Washington

Weather:  7-Day Forecast for Camden, NJ

Map and directions to the course: Maps and Driving Directions to Cooper River

Washington Women's Crew Heading To NCAA Rowing Championships

5/19/09 2:15 pm:  Husky V8 Will Row in 1st heat of NCAA's vs. Stanford, Yale, Radcliffe and Ohio State; 2V8 in 1st Heat: Virginia, Ohio State, Washington, Radcliffe and Oregon State; V4+ in 3rd Heat: Yale, Brown, Michigan, Washington, Stanford, and Dartmouth

16 Teams: Brown, Cal, Clemson, Dartmouth, Harvard (Radcliffe), Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oregon State, Princeton, Stanford, USC, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Yale

More from the NCAA Website here including the Selection Show: College Rowing - The Official Web Site of the NCAA

Pac-10's - Lake Natoma, CA, May 17, 2009

Huskies | Rowing | Top-seeded UW men finish third in varsity eight grand final at Pac-10 championships | Seattle Times Newspaper

Men's Crew Takes Second, Women Finish Third At Pac-10 Championships

Photos - thank you Katie:

WV4 M2V8   W2V8
  MV8   WV8
  MV4+ MF8 WNov8
  M2V8 Go Huskies!  
Morning Heats:

Huskies | UW crew to take on the heat in Pac-10 championships | Seattle Times Newspaper

UW crew heads to Pac-10 championships - The Daily of the University of Washington

Live Streaming Video - CBS College Sports All-Access

Jamco will have live splits - JAMCO - 2009 Pac-10 Rowing Championships

Information on the venue, times, costs etc.:  This Weekend: Pac-10 Rowing Championships

Directions to the course - Lake Natoma/SSAC - Alums/Friends/Parents - look for the UW tent and join your fellow Husky fans!

Weather - 7-Day Forecast for Fair Oaks, CA

Article on Simon - Taylor right at home in Seattle - The Daily of the University of Washington

Windermere Cup - Montlake Cut, May 2, 2009

Thank you Windermere, Manson Construction, Wells Trucking, Ferguson Terminal, and the SYC!!  Thank you to Andrea Chaknis, Katie Gardner '05, the UW Athletic Dept and all of the alums/friends that volunteered their time: Timing: Mary Whipple '02; Enclosure: Betsy Beard '83, Carl Lovsted '52, Al Rossi '52, Peg Achterman '82, John Vynne '64, Mike Hess '78, Jesse Franklin '78, Jim Pugel '81, Ian Sawyer '04, Kara Farquharson '08, Dave McGee '78, Dwight Phillips '71, Mischelle Day;  Video: George Teasdale '77, Paul Synowiec, Eric Cohen '82;  Photographers: Ellen Ernst '83, Jason Scott '93;  Webcast: Al Erickson '82, Jenni Hogan '02, Brian Tom; Gear: Erickson, Cohen, Hansen, Forney '82.

Video WRF:  Thank you George Teasdale '77 and
Paul Synowiec

Men's V8 (1:00 min, 6.2mb Flash file) Women's V8 (1:03 min, 6.4mb Flash file)

Huskies sail away with Windermere Cup - UW Daily

HeraldNet: Dawgs dominate Windermere Cup

Windermere Cup races | Photos from

Huskies sweep Windermere Cup, seven other races

Huskies | UW sweeps Windermere Cup | Seattle Times Newspaper

UM rowers have solid showing - Sports -

Husky Crews Win Windermere And Cascade Cup Races

More pics to come...

Photos WRF:

Thank you Jason:

WNov8 MF8 W2V8 M2V8
'12 Cascade Champs - Women Cascade Champs - Men Windermere Cup
Thank you Ellen:
Al and Jenni Al, Mischelle, Nikki Lovsted, Rossi, Hess, Calder Katie
Betsy Forney, Cohen Timers Timers Get Serious
Isabelle Sam Katelin Michelle
Eric Cohen:
MV4+ WV4+ MOpen 8 Husky Pup
MF8 WV8    
Peg Achterman:      
Dwight '71, Carl '52, Al '52, Norm '50, Mary '02   Peg '82 and Betsy '83  
Tim Bowman, Windermere Real Estate:      
First UW win for the Hunter      

Windermere Cup a day of firsts for Brazilian coach

Windermere Cup Press Conference - 2009 Windermere Cup Press Conference

Huskies | Windermere Cup Preview | UWs Isabelle Woodward has grown into role of coxswain | Seattle Times Newspaper

Washington Rowing Set For 23rd Annual Windermere Cup Races Saturday

Schedule (bottom of page) - Windermere Cup 2009

Stewards' Enclosure information, etc. - Windermere Cup 2009

Parking, Directions, Race Viewing - Map and Directions to Conibear Shellhouse; Race Viewing for the Montlake Cut Course

The races will be live webcast (sign up required, viewing is free) here - Windermere Cup Webcast.  Rowing Steward Al Erickson '82 and KIRO Radio's (and former Washington rower) Jenni Hogan '02 will provide the play by play.

KJR 950 will cover the action with long time Husky play by play announcer Bob Rondeau, and our own newly minted Hall of Famer Sean Mulligan '97 providing color - 950 KJR - Seattle's ONLY All Sports Station

All things Windermere Cup from the GoHuskies Website - 2009 Windermere Cup - GoHuskies

Washington/Cal Dual Race - Montlake Cut, April 25, 2009

Link to all video of the UW/Cal races - Video - or click on the images below:


Thank you Jason Scott '93:

Photos Eric Cohen '82/WRF:
WV4+ pre-race MV8 post-race MV8, left to right Simon, Rob, Hans, Max, Anthony, Kaitlin, Will, BJ, Jesse Class of '25
Dottie Simpson presents the Simpson Trophy to the Cal Women's V8   Steve Gladstone presents the Schoch Trophy  to the Washington Men's V8  
  MF8 WNov8 MV8
MV4 M2V8    

Live results:

Time Event Lane 1 Lane 2 Finish
9:00 WV4+ Cal UW UW by 1 length
9:10 MV4+ UW Cal UW by length +
9:20 WNov8 Cal UW UW by length +
9:27 MFrosh8 UW Cal UW by length +
9:34 W2V8 UW Cal Cal by 4 seats
9:41 M2V8 UW Cal UW by 6 seats
9:48 WV8 UW Cal Cal by length +
9:55 MV8 Cal UW UW by 8 seats

Watch for race updates/comments here - UW Husky Crew on Twitter

Husky Crew Hosts Top-Ranked California Crews Saturday

Map and Directions to Conibear Shellhouse; Race Viewing for the Montlake Cut Course


Time Event
9:00 WV4+
9:10 MV4+
9:20 WNov8
9:27 MFrosh8
9:34 W2V8
9:41 M2V8
9:48 WV8
9:55 MV8


Stanford/Wisconsin - Redwood Shores, CA; April 17,18, 2009

Saturday 4/18 - Wisconsin vs. Washington

UW Men's Eight Falls To No. 2 Wisconsin, Freshman Eight Remains Undefeated

Line-ups 4/18:
V8 - Bow Jacob, Johnson, Gibson, Struzyna, Lang, Caron, Taylor, Stroke -Crothers, cox -Snyder
2V8 - Bow Connolly, Clarke, Svast, Didier, Otto, Zapel, Neal, Stroke - Bulicic, cox - Darby

Saturday 4/18 Photos/Animated Gifs: Brian Jackson/
Sponsored by the WRF

To the right is an animated gif file from the bridge combining photos of the V8 race -- Washington vs. Wisconsin, at 9:45 am 4/18. The animation does not reflect real time i.e. the timing of the stroke rate is exaggerated --


V8   V8 2V8
Frosh 8      
Frosh 8      
Frosh 8      
Photos from the finish - thank you Dwight Phillips:


4/18: Time Event Race Updates Outcome (unofficial)
9:30 a.m. V8: Stanford Vs. OSU   Stanford 5:50.5  OSU 5:52.3
9:40 a.m. V8: Wash vs. Wisco Unofficial observation: Will Crothers/Simon Taylor stroke pair on warm-up;  also appears Struzyna in V8 :: 300m left: boats very close Wisconsin 5:40.2  Wash 5:42.9
9:50 a.m. 2V8: Stanford vs. OSU   Stanford 6:06.3  OSU 6:27.5
10:00 a.m. 2V8: Wash vs. Wisco Washington by a length Wash 5:42.0   Wisco 5:46.3
10:10 a.m. Frosh 8: Stanford vs. OSU   Stanford 6:01.8  OSU 6:13.1
10:20 a.m. Frosh 8: Wash vs. Wisco Course conditions gradually faster as morning progresses: light tailwind in all races Wash 5:41.5  Wisco 5:58.8

Friday 4/17 - Stanford vs. Washington

Men's Varsity Falls To Stanford, Freshman Eight Remains Undefeated

Friday 4/17 Photos: Brian Jackson/
Sponsored by the WRF

V8 600m V8 1200m    
V8 1500m M2V8    
M2V8     MF8

Dwight: 5:30 pm: wind has shifted to a headwind, no chop, good water conditions
6:00 pm - wind is building, chop now entering 1200m
Race updates:  Dwight is very near the finish area, so we should get mostly the last 500 meters of each race decently.  There is no PA system or any updates from the course so this will be a visual deal from the shoreline: no guarantees on our observations until they cross the finish line!

Time Event Race Updates Outcome (unofficial)
6:00 pm V8 Stanford vs. Wash Stanford over Washington by open water Stanford: 6:06.86  Wash: 6:11.36
6:10 pm V8 Wisco vs. OSU   Wisco 6:13.9  OSU 6:21.1
6:20 pm 2V8 Stanford vs. Wash Washington by open water Wash 6:10.9   Stanford 6:15.6
6:30 pm 2V8 Wisco vs. OSU   Wisco 6:20.4   OSU 7:02.9
6:40 pm Frosh 8 Stanford vs. Wash Washington Wash 6:12.1  Stanford 6:42.5

Martelli Excels On The Water, In The Classroom

Third-Ranked Men's Crew To Face No. 5 Stanford and No. 2 Wisconsin

4/13: Huskycrew will have alums reporting live - more info pending.

Map of Redwood Shores

Weather Forecast for Redwood Shores, CA

Preliminary Schedule - Note: Oregon State will also be there but will not race Washington

Race Friday, 4/17 Event Race   Saturday, 4/18 Event Race
1 6:00 pm MV8 Stanford vs. WA   9:30 am MV8 Stanford vs. OSU
2 6:10 pm MV8 Wisconsin vs. OSU   9:40 am MV8 Wisconsin vs. WA
3 6:20 pm M2V8 Stanford vs. WA   9:50 am M2V8 Stanford vs. OSU
4 6:30 pm M2V8 Wisconsin vs. OSU   10:00 am M2V8 Wisconsin vs. WA
5 6:40 pm MF8 Stanford vs. WA   10:10 am MF8 Stanford vs. OSU
6 6:50 pm MF8 Wisconsin vs. OSU   10:20 am MF8 Wisconsin vs. WA


WSU Dual Race - Snake River, April 11, 2009

Photos: Thank you Ernst family:

Intros Women's V8 Apple Cup Team

Washington Sweeps All 10 Races On WSU's Home Course Saturday

Live updates from Nicole - UW Husky Crew on Twitter

UW Rowing Ready For Annual Washington State Dual

Directions to the WSU Boathouse

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San Diego Crew Classic - April 4 and 5, 2009

Photos - Thank you Jason Scott '93:


Sunday 4/5:

GoHuskies - Three Husky Crews Win Gold At San Diego Crew Classic

Men's Frosh 8 Final: Cal, for the third time this morning, out of the blocks with a non-settle first 500m.  This time Washington goes with them, the two locked almost dead even across 500m at 37/38.  2nd 500 Washington downshifts with length as Cal begins to drop back; at 1000m it is Washington by a length and stroking smoothly; at 1500 it is open water separation and still solid spacing in the sprint with an open water win.  JAMCO - 2009 San Diego Crew Classic - Men's Novice Eight Grand Final

Women's Novice 8 Final: Husky Frosh out from the start, row fastest 500m splits thru 1500m and take a length lead;  OSU fights back in the sprint, with Washington holding them off for a 6 seat win. JAMCO - 2009 San Diego Crew Classic - Women's Novice Eight Grand Final

Men's 2V8 Final: Cal jumps to an early lead and stays there. Huskies mount an early sprint but Cal pulls away in the last 300 meters. 1st: Cal;  2nd: Washington, 3rd: Harvard.  JAMCO - 2009 San Diego Crew Classic - Men's Coll Jv Eight Grand Final

Women's 2V8 Final: Washington over Mich and USC;  Well-executed race plan by the Huskies as they stay in close contact off the start and then make a strong mid-race move to take control of the race by 1500m, winning by 3/4's of a length.  JAMCO - 2009 San Diego Crew Classic - Women's Coll Jv Eight Grand Final

Men's V8 Final: Cal wins by 2 seats; Washington 2nd, Harvard 3rd.  Cal blows out to an open water lead by 750 meters with a high-stroking charge;  Huskies at a lower stroke rate attempt to reel them back in the last 1000, sprinting the last 400m;  Harvard strong in lane 4 goes with them and it is a three boat nail-biter at the finish, with Cal prevailing across the line. JAMCO - 2009 San Diego Crew Classic - Men's Copley Eight Grand Final

Women's V8 Final: Michigan wins, Washington 2nd;  Washington with a solid start takes a 3-4 seat lead but cannot gain separation from Mich;  Mich methodically moves in the mid-1000 to move ahead and sprints to a one length win;  Washington holds off Wisconsin and USC for 2nd in a close six boat final - JAMCO - 2009 San Diego Crew Classic - Women's Jessop Eight Grand Final

Saturday 4/4:

All Six Husky Crews Advance To Finals At San Diego Crew Classic

No 4+ events at San Diego but the V4+'s and the rest of the team got work in at the Husky Open - Husky Crews Solid At Husky Open

Sunday Copley Lane draw: Washington in lane 2 between Stanford and Cal - San Diego Crew Classic 2009 Schedule

11:00 a.m. 4/4: All Washington teams advance to Sunday's Grand Finals

Washington's V8's advance to Sunday Grand Finals: Men over Harvard and Brown;  Women second to Michigan, top OSU, Notre Dame;  Jamco has live splits up - JAMCO - 2009 San Diego Crew Classic Live Splits

Husky Crew Heads To San Diego To Defend Crew Classic Titles

Luke will be on Twitter when he has a chance - UW Husky Crew on Twitter

Saturday and Sunday live webcast here - San Diego Crew Classic Live

Crew Classic official website - The San Diego Crew Classic

Schedule, Lane Assignments - Preliminary San Diego Crew Classic 2009 Schedule

Men's varsity heat Saturday 4/4 - 8:30 a.m.

Women's varsity heat Saturday 4/4 - 8:50 a.m.

Live pre-race updates and live results - Crewclassic on Twitter

Husky Open - April 4, 2009

Husky Crews Solid At Husky Open

Photos - Thank you Ellen Ernst '83



Class Day Weekend - March 27 and 28, 2009

Junior Women, Freshmen Men Win Class Day Trophies

An Olympic rowing shell is 'christened' at its new Seattle home

Crew teams hold positive Class Day Regatta - The Daily of the University of Washington

Photos - Eric Cohen/WRF:
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  IRA National Champions NCAA National Champions Bow Down to Washington
Pre-Race - Grunties Rookies Seniors Rob and Kim, 2009 Captains
  The Simpson family christens The Hunter Olympians The Hunter
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