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Men's 2008 Summary:

- 2V8, V4+, Frosh 4+ National Champions; Team "Ten Eyck" National Champions
- Pac-10 Sweep
- Windermere Cup Champions
- V8, F8, V4+ Win Cal Dual
- V8 Wins San Diego Copley Cup
- Frosh Win Class Day
- Dave Calder Wins Olympic Silver

Women's 2008 Summary:

- V4+ NCAA National Champions; 2V8 Bronze; Team NCAA Silver
- Pac-10's: V4+ Gold, Novice 8 Silver
- Windermere Cup Champions
- V8 Wins San Diego Whittier Cup
- Juniors Win Class Day
- Mary Whipple and Anna (Mickelson) Cummins Olympic Champions in U.S. Women's 8

Washington Rowing - 2008

2008 Race Results

IRA's - June 5 - 7, 2008;  Camden, NJ

Washington Team National Champions
2V8, V4, F4 Gold; V8, F8 Silver

Photos from the launch - Colin Sykes/WRF:

  F4 V4  
F8 F8 F8 F8
2V8 2V8 2V8 2V8
2V8 V8 V8 V8
V8 V8 V8 V8

Professional Photography by William West.  Photography sponsored by the Washington Rowing Foundation:

Photos William West/


IRA Location, Format, Eligibility to Change for 2009 Regatta - Note venue change to Sacramento for the 2009 IRA Regatta

UW crew mortal for day, but future looks bright

Huskies | Rowing | Badgers get best of Huskies for rowing crown | Seattle Times Newspaper

Final Team Points.pdf - (Washington 214; Cal 207; Wisconsin 191)

2008 IRA Championships -- Day 3 Washington Quotes  - "Wisconsin was just a really great crew, they were rowing really poised. They had a really good position and they didn't get in the dogfight between us and Cal, and that was probably very smart to do. They sat back until they needed to make their move and they did. We weren't able to match it. We had one more push and they were able to counter it again. It was a fast race, 5:31, so the racecourse gets short. They are a fast crew and they rowed really well." - Michael Callahan

Three Washington Crews Win Titles, Varsity Eight Takes Silver :: Huskies second varsity, varsity four and freshman four are national champions

Seattle P-I: UW varsity crew second at nationals

9:45 a.m. pdt - Washington awarded Ten Eyck Trophy for highest team points

9:20 a.m. pdt - V8: First 15 strokes Washington up by a seat; 300 meters up by 5 seats; rowing a 37, up by 6 seats over Cal and Wisco; 1000m Washington by 2 seats; Wisco takes the lead at 1300 in; Wisco at 39 by a half length, 400 to go; Wisconsin wins

8:40 a.m. pdt - 2V8 wins: 300 meters in Washington and Cal out together.  Washington at 36, Cal at 37.  600 meters even.  Washington at 36, Cal at 39.  1000 meters crews back to even.  1500m - Washington 2 seats.  Huge sprint, Washington pulling away... Washington wins by 6 seats.  2V8 National Championship (mp3 format)

8:20 a.m. pdt - Frosh 8 2nd: All six crews out even, Washington in 2nd at 500m, stroking a 34;  1000m it is Harvard, Washington and Cal;  1250 Washington by 3 seats; 1500m by 2 seats, 300 left it is even, Cal pressing ahead at the finish by 3 feet. 

7:15 a.m. pdt - V4 wins: Deck length lead within 10 strokes off the start, 3/4 length lead at 500m over Cornell who is one seat over Cal; 1000m by 3/4 length over a tight field for 2nd; 1500m Marist makes solid move to close to even; 200m left and it is Marist by a seat, Washington closing in the last 15 stokes stroke rate to 38, noses it out by 3 feet.  Listen to this race here - V4 National Championship (mp3 format)

6:35 a.m. pdt - Frosh 4 wins: solid start with a length lead by 700m, open water at 1,000;  body of race at a 33-34, 1/2 length open at 1500m;  up to a 35-36 at the sprint and finished with solid open water over the field.  Listen to this race here - Frosh 4 National Championship (mp3 format)

Fog at 8:00 a.m. edt delayed the start of the regatta by 15 - 20 minutes;  10:00 a.m. edt, fog is gone, Doc Slepyan reports it is "steamy", pushing 80*, light cross tailwind but the course is smooth.

Listen Live - Stretch Internet - Rowing National Championships

Live Results - IRA National Championship Race Results

Huskies crew remains undefeated at nationals

Huskies | Rowing | Huskies surge into title race | Seattle Times Newspaper

Grand Final Races Await All Five Washington Crews

Saturday's Schedule (note some times have been moved up from previous schedule):

Event Seattle Time (pdt) Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
Frosh 4 6:12 a.m. Oregon St. Wisconsin Cal Washington Drexel Rutgers
Varsity 4 7:00 a.m. Marist Brown Cal Washington Cornell UCLA
Frosh 8 8:12 a.m. Yale Washington Harvard Cal Brown Princeton
2V8 8:36 a.m. Orange Coast Wisconsin Washington Cal Brown Harvard
V8 9:24 a.m. Northeastern Cal Wisconsin Washington Stanford Columbia

11:30 a.m. pdt 6/6:  All Five Washington Crews advance to Grand Finals on Saturday

Seattle P-I - Huskies start strong at IRA

Huskies | Rowing | Washington men's crew cruises to national semifinals | Seattle Times Newspaper

Husky crews to face tough battle for 13th IRA championship - The Daily of the University of Washington

2008 IRA Championships -- Day 1 Washington Quotes

All Five Husky Crews Win Races on Day 1 of IRA Regatta

Seattle P-I: UW, Didier made mutual connections

Rowing | UW oars dipped in history | Seattle Times Newspaper

Weather - 7-Day Forecast for Camden, NJ

Full Schedule: 2008 IRA Schedule - pdf

Rowing Report with Washington's Toby Dankbaar

Washington Varsity Eight Seeks to Defend IRA Rowing Title :: Five Husky crews compete for national championships


NCAA's - May 30 - June 1, 2008;  Sacramento, CA

UW Women NCAA Team Silver
 V4+ National Champs

Congratulations Huskies from the entire alum/friend/parent community!

Underdog UW women’s crew finishes second overall behind Brown

UW women's four boat wins national title

Huskies | Washington women rowers are surprising 2nd at NCAAs | Seattle Times Newspaper

Sunday 6/01 Photos Brian Jackson/



Sunday 6/01 Photos Andy Holubetz/


Bob Ernst:  "The kids rose to the occasion - every single player did her best.  Everybody had a great weekend...everybody - everybody - on this team rose up to their potential this weekend...these kids just deserve a mountain of credit."  audio-video\ernstncaa6-1-08.mp3

Ashley Jones, Senior Captain: "Washington Rowing is like nothing I have ever experienced before... I wouldn't give up any of it for anything and I feel very honored to be a part of such an amazing tradition..."  audio-video\ajncaa6-1-08.mp3

Isabelle Woodward, Sophomore V8 coxswain: "Yea, Well, being part of this team, we don't quit.  None of our boats quit.  You saw all of us walk back today. That is what Husky Rowing is about. We never quit, we never give up..."  audio-video\isabellencaa6-1-08.mp3

Charlene Franklin, Senior 2 Seat of the V4+:  "We really were focused on relaxing and racing our own race.  When we got passed by Virginia around the 1000 we didn't let it get to us, we knew we would get it back, and we had an awesome sprint..."  audio-video\charlenencaa6-1-08.mp3

Colin Sykes, coach of the V4+, talks about the race and the 4+ athletes: "They rowed a lot of the piece at a knew they would have the gear if they had contact at the end, and they did.  They really put a lot of heart into it, I'm really super proud of them because they had to dig deep to get it, and when they were through they had really gone to the tank.  I explained a lot to the four about the people that go before them and how much support is behind them and the alumni....they were out there representing us.  It's a big thing for them.  They really wanted to make a statement.  It is a fun, great group to coach - they are really focused - and that made my work easy."  Full interview (2:30 min) here - audio-video\colinncaa6-1-08.mp3

Sunday 6/01 Photos Katie Gardner/WRF:


Huskies Take Home Second-Place NCAA Team Trophy :: UW wins varsity four national championship

Day 3 -- Washington Quotes - "We just came back with a vengeance and it helped us a lot, what we learned."

6/1 11:45 a.m. Washington wins Team Silver - NCAA Team Points Calculation

6/1 Grand Finals: Washington wins V4; Bronze in 2V8;  5th in the V8

Webcast - All-Access - College Sports Broadband Channel - note, as of 10:15 a.m. 6/1 the webcast is not up

Splits - JAMCO - 2008 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships

Rowing Report with Washington's Helen Wall

Great Day for Huskies - All Crews Reach NCAA Grand Finals :: Varsity and second varsity eights join UW four in Sundays championship races

Saturday 5/31 Photos Katie Gardner/WRF:

Grand Finals Sunday, June 1, 2008:
Event Time pdt Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6
Varsity 4 10:15 a.m. Washington Virginia Michigan State Cal Brown Yale
Second Varsity 8 10:45 a.m. Ohio State Brown Washington Virginia Tennessee Cal
Varsity 8 11:30 a.m. Yale Brown Cal Washington Michigan State Stanford*
* Stanford entry in the V8 is an at-large berth; team points earned skip to next team finisher


V8 V8 V8 Kim and Alison
Kayleigh and Erica 2V8 2V8 2V8
  2V8 2V8  

5/31, 9:00 a.m.: Washington 2V8 finishes first in their rep over Tennessee, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Princeton to advance to the Grand Final on Sunday.

5/31, 8:30 a.m.: Washington V8 finishes second in their semi behind Brown and ahead of Michigan State, Virginia, USC and Michigan to advance to the Grand Final on Sunday.

All Three Washington Crews Successfully Advance at NCAA Regatta :: Husky varsity four is heat winner at women's championships

NCAA's Day 1 -- Washington Quotes - "People have been asking me how we got here. We have a great team. This is a team deal." - Bob Ernst

Friday 5/30 Photos Katie Gardner/WRF:

V8 V8 V8 V8
V8 2V8 2V8 2V8
2V8 V4 V4 V4

Action starts for Washington at 8:15 a.m. Friday, 5/30 - JAMCO - 2008 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships

UW oarswomen pulling for respect

NOAA 7-Day Forecast for Sacramento, CA - note from the schedule most events take place in the morning as opposed to the afternoon racing of the Pac-10's (see below), which should significantly moderate the temperature during racing

Schedule - 2008 NCAA Rowing Championships Schedule

Regatta Information is here - | 2008 NCAA Rowing Championships

Huskies | Rowing | UW women get invitation to nationals | Seattle Times Newspaper

UW Rowers Receive NCAA Championships Berth :: Huskies one of three teams to qualify for every NCAA regatta

Watch the bid announcement (taped) here - All-Access - College Sports Broadband Channel

Pac-10's - May 18, 2008

Professional Photography by Brian Jackson and Gil Batzri;  Photography sponsored by the Washington Rowing Foundation:

Photos Brian Jackson/

Left to right: Drew, Heath, Toby, Tad, Steve, Andrew w/ Micah in front Micah in air MF8 MF8
M2V8 WF8 WF8 MV4
W2V8 MV8 MV8 MV8
Photos Gil Batzri/      
MV8   MF8 M2V8
M2V8 WF8 MV4 MV4
WV4 WV4 W2V  

Photos Katie Gardner/WRF

M2V8 M2V8 MV8 MV8
MV8 MV4 Team Will
WF8 WV4 Andrew and Toby MF8

Sports - Washington men earn sweep at Pac-10 rowing championships

Seattle P-I:  UW crew sweeps Pac-10

Huskies, Bears battle it out at Pac-10s, men come out on top - The Daily of the University of Washington

row2k Pac-10 Coverage

Husky Men Sweep Pac-10 Rowing Titles :: UW wins women's varsity four championship

Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Men's Frosh 8 Wash Cal Stan OSU UCLA WSU
Men's V4 Wash Cal Stan USC Ore  
Men's 2V8 Wash Cal OSU UCLA    
Men's V8 Wash Cal Stan OSU UCLA WSU
Women's Novice 8 Cal Wash WSU OSU Gonz UCD
Women's V4 Wash Cal USC WSU OSU Gonz
Women's 2V8 Cal OSU Stan Wash WSU USC
Women's V8 Cal Stan WSU USC Wash OSU

Rowing Report with Washington's Blaise Didier

Husky Rowers Vie for Pac-10 Championships :: UW crews travel to Sacramento for Sunday's conference regatta

NOAA 7-Day Forecast for Sacramento, CA

Jamco will have streaming vid and live splits; Sunday schedule here - JAMCO - 2008 Pac-10 Rowing Championships

Windermere Cup - May 3, 2008

Thank you Windermere, Dan Lepse, Brian Tom, friends at UW Medicine and CHDD, the UW Athletic Dept and all of the alums/friends that volunteered their time: Enclosure: Betsy Beard '83, Carl Lovsted '52, Al Rossi '52, Peg Achterman '82, John Baker '58, John Stillings '78, Jesse Franklin '78, Dwight Phillips '71;  Video: Jeff Benedict '78, Chad Rudolph '70, Kiel Peterson '06, Brad Jensen, Paul Synowiec, Rick Lupton '79;  Photographers: Ellen Ernst '83, Jason Scott '96, Matt Lacey '96;  Webcast: Al Erickson '82, Erin O'Connell '96, George Teasdale '77, Tom Lee '82;  Gear: Al Forney '82, Kevin Hansen '82, Eric Cohen '82, T.J. Forney, Kyle Hansen, Adam Kovacs

Women's V8 Men's V8

Photos Matt Lacey '96:


Photos Jason Scott '96:

Ryan and Kim      
Erickson Cup Erickson Cup Windermere Cup Windermere Cup
  Micah Katelin Back Row: Lowell, Toby, Roko, Jesse, Simon, Blaise, Heath, Will
Front Row: Kim, Katelin, Mary Ann, Michael
Photos Ellen Ernst '83:      
MV4 WV4 W2V4 MF8
W2V8 M2V8 WV8 MV8
Windermere Cup Alex Alysha Katelin

Washington sweeps at Windermere Cup | Seattle Times Newspaper

HeraldNet: WINDERMERE CUP: Washington cruises by Poland and Navy

At Windermere Cup, a new kind of rowing rivalry | Seattle Times Newspaper

UW men and women win Windermere Cup races | Seattle Times Newspaper

Husky Crews Win Featured Windermere Cup Races :: UW rowers win all nine races they entered

Washington Rowing Continues to Roll Off Wins

HeraldNet: Kelly Foster is back where she belongs

Rowers on stage in rite of spring

Huskies | Windermere Cup | Huskies rowing for a cause | Seattle Times Newspaper

All Alums, Friends and Parents Are Invited to The Stewards' Enclosure:  2008 Stewards' Enclosure

Windermere Cup Webcast - 2008 Opening Day Webcast

Steve Kelley | Huskies rower Lowell Neal tries to build a better oar | Seattle Times Newspaper

Huskies | Even-keeled coach leads UW rowers | Seattle Times Newspaper

UW rowing continues to roll off wins | KOMO-TV - Seattle, Washington | Sports

Crew hosts top field for Windermere Cup - The Daily of the University of Washington

Seattle P-I: UW crew dipping into deep talent pool

Huskies Host Windermere Cup, Saturday at 10:20 a.m. :: UW crews race vs. Navy, Poland and Melbourne University

Races Time Team Team Team Team Team
Men's 8+ (40+) 10:20 AM VRC PRC SLRC GLC  
Mixed 8+ (40+) 10:22 AM OARA VCRC WRC MBC  
Mixed 8+ (50+) 10:24 AM Cor RC AM/MRC SRA LWRC  
Women's 8+ (40+) 10:26 AM PWR LWRC GLC PRC  
Women's 8+ (50+) 10:28 AM SRA CRC LUC MM  
Men's Varsity 4+ 10:33 AM UW - A UW - B      
Women's Varsity 4+ 10:35 AM UW - A UW - B UW - C    
Women's Open 8 10:39 AM UW - A UW - B LUC    
Men's Open 8 10:43 AM UW - A UW - B LUC PRC  
Girl's High School 8 10:45 AM Shawnigan LORC HNA Brentwood Lakeside
Girl's Jr. Club 8 10:47 AM GLC Everett PRC VCRC  
Boy's High School 8 10:50 AM St. George Lk. Oswego Brentwood Mercer Island  
Boy's Jr. Club 8 10:52 AM Shawnigan Capital Everett Green Lake VCRC
Men's Freshman 8 10:58 AM UW - A OSU UW-B    
Women's Cascade Cup 11:00 AM UW UW 1N      
Men's Erickson Cascade Cup 11:10 AM UW OSU UW 1F    
Women's Windermere Cup 11:15 AM UW University of Melbourne  US Naval Academy    
Men's Windermere Cup 11:25 AM UW Poland US Naval Academy    


UW - Cal Dual - April 26, 2008

Top-Ranked UW Men's Varsity, Three Other Crews Beat Cal

Professional Photography by Brian Jackson;  Photography sponsored by the Washington Rowing Foundation:
All photos Brian Jackson/

MF8     W2V
MV8     Schoch Cup
Blaise and Roko   Katelin  

Live results (concluded a/o 10:30):

Women's V4, 10:10 a.m.: Finish: Washington by a length +

Men's Frosh 8, 10:00 a.m.: Finish: Washington by a length

Women's Novice 8, 9:50 a.m.: Finish: Cal by about a length

Men's 2V8, 9:40 a.m.: Finish: Cal by about a length
Unofficial: Cal: 5:50  WA:  5:53

Women's 2V8, 9:30 a.m.: Finish: Washington by 3/4 length

Men's Varsity 8, 9:15 a.m.: Finish: Washington by > length
Unofficial: WA: 5:43  CAL: 5:49

Women's Varsity 8, 9:00 a.m.: Finish: Cal by 6 -8 seats

Conditions at 8:45 a.m.:  Temp mid 60's, sunny, no wind, flat water

Redwood Shores, Ca;  Schedule:

Time Event Win Times


WV8 Cal 1. Cal 6:33.51
2. UW 6:37.55
9:15 MV8 UW 1.   UW 5:42.11
2.  Cal 5:48.71
9:30 W2V8 UW 1.   UW 6:44.81
2.  Cal 6:47.92
9:40 M2V8 Cal 1.  Cal 5:49.31
2.  UW 5:52.53
9:50 WN8 Cal 1.   Cal 7:00.44
2.  UW 7:03.13
10:00 MF8 UW 1.   UW 5:51.22
2.  Cal 5:53.27
10:10 WV4 UW 1.   UW 7:27.69
2.  Cal 7:38.31
10:30 Trophy Presentations for V8's

Rowing Report with Washington's Lowell Neal :: Junior oarsman talks with

UW Crews Visit Bay Area for Dual Races vs. Cal :: Top-ranked Husky men and No. 15 women row Saturday at 9 a.m.

UW - OSU Dual - April 19, 2008

Video: WA/OSU Dual MV8

Photos Eric Cohen/WRF:

MF8     W2V8
WV4+     W3V8

UW Crews Wins 8 of 9 Races vs. Oregon State :: Huskies victorious in all but women's varsity eight event

Saturday, 4/19; Montlake Cut, Seattle (link: parking/where to watch)

Time Event Win


9:10 WN8 UW
9:30 MF8 UW
9:40 W2V8 UW
9:50 MV8 UW
10:00 WV8 OSU
10:10 M4 UW
10:20 WV4 UW
10:30 W3V8 UW

Huskies Host Oregon State in Dual Regatta :: UW & OSU crews clash, Saturday at 9 a.m. on the Montlake Cut

UW - WSU Dual - April 12, 2008

Photos UW/WRF:

WV4 W Novice: start W2V: start Husky Crew

Photos Eric Cohen/WRF:

Men's V8: UW Frosh A lead into the finish UW Frosh A across the line in the Men's V8 event Men's Frosh 8, UW Frosh B in the lead Frosh B
Women's V8 Women's V8 Women's 2V Women's 2V

WSU women's crew beats Huskies | Seattle Times Newspaper

Husky Crews Win 9 of 10 Races in WSU Dual :: Cougar's varsity eight women claim Apple Cup trophy

Saturday, 4/12; Montlake Cut, Seattle (link: parking/where to watch)

Time Event Win


9:10 MV8 UW
9:20 MF8 UW
9:30 WV8 WSU
9:40 W2V8 UW
10:20 WN8 UW
10:30 W2N8 UW
10:40 M2V8 UW
10:50 W3V8 UW
11:00 M2F8 UW
11:10 MV4 UW

Annual Apple Cup Crew Races Set for Saturday :: Huskies host WSU at 9 a.m. on the Montlake Cut

UW Women Vault to No. 4 in Crew Poll :: Huskies varsity eight climbs 13 spots in rankings

San Diego Crew Classic - April 5-6, 2008

Bob Ernst on the women's racing today: "We talked before this race today about being committed on every stroke of the race.  In these big time races you have to come out and be ready to row bow ball to bow ball all the way down the course.

This was a big step for us in understanding what it means to row tough on every stroke.  I told them, you get just as tired rowing bad as you do when you row well and together.  It was about making that commitment.  We've got the whole season ahead of us and this was a fun day but now we need to come home and keep trying to get better.  There is so much parity in women's rowing that they need to know when to turn it on when they get on that race course.  We took a big step in the right direction today.  It was really fun."

Husky Boats Win Featured Races at Crew Classic :: UW wins four of six events in San Diego, including both varsity eight races

UW crews dominate San Diego Classic - The Daily of the University of Washington

Thank you Ellen Ernst '83:

  M,W V8 MV8  
Thank you Jon Rinker:
M Frosh Final    

Photos from San Diego - thank you Matt Lacey '96:

  WV8 put their bow in front out in lane 6 in the final WV8  
MV8 Blocks Start    
  W Frosh    

Jamco will have live splits and streaming audio/video - JAMCO - 2008 San Diego Crew Classic Index

All Six UW Boats Advance to Grand Finals at Crew Classic :: Five of six Husky crews are heat winners Saturday will have two photographers at the event and will have photos as soon as they are available.


Class Day

Class Day: Women's Seattle Times Trophy Race Video
Class Day: Men's Varnell Cup Race Video

Race photos from Sam Darby on the Class Day Cruise:

Women's V vs. Fr Challenge Men's V vs. Fr Challenge   Seattle Times Trophy
500m   Nearing 1000m  
Varnell Trophy   Nearing 1000m  

VBC, Class Day photos Eric Cohen/WRF:

VBC Banquet 'Bow Down to Washington' Varnell at 500m to go  
Two freshmen 4.0 students, Henry Riley and Bjoern Sbierski with Bob Ernst. W '09: top row left: Ashley Brown, Rachel Powers, Lia Prins, Helen Wall, Heather Walker, Laura Cooper; bottom row left: Kim Kennedy, Isabelle Woodward, Sam Smith.  M '11: back row: cox Alex Chalk, Hans Struzyna, Noah O'Connell, Nenad Bulicic, Anthony Jacob, Coach Luke McGee; Front: Trevor Walchenbach, Bede Clark, Tyler Emsky, Mathew Zaple Line Larsen and Bronson Kolde, Schaller Academic Award winners
  Erickson Scholarship Award: Blaise Didier with Bob, Irma, and Michael Captains Ashley Jones and Andrew Beaton  

First photos from the event from Jason Scott '93:

  Junior Women   Men's Frosh

Freshmen Men, Junior Women Capture Husky Crew Class Day Trophies :: Freshmen men win second title in three years

UW's Annual Class Day Regatta Set for Saturday :: Husky crews start 2008 spring season

Looking for information on Fall '07 races and training?  See the following links:

Spring Training 2008 - Photos and video of spring training.

San Diego Winter Camp - Photos from the winter camp, 12/30/07 -1/5/08

Fall Turnout 2007 - Photos of November turnout and from the Portland Loop Regatta 11/07

Oklahoma Regatta - Photos and links from the Head of the Oklahoma and Sprints 10/07

Moscow Race of Champions - Photos, video, and links of the victory in Moscow 9/07


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