2006 Race Results

Note to readers: The information on this page was written in 2006. Unfortunately, over time, news sources will remove older articles, so you will find a number of dead-end links here, but all of the photos and information we wrote at the time remains in full!


Thank you Kelsey Florence for the following photos:
Game Face Open 4+ with five strokes left Mud never felt so sweet 2V8
Frosh 8 Celebrates 2V8 in the sprint V8 V8 with five strokes left
Nothing like it Trevor and Katelin Team '06 For Life


Thank you Dan Lepse for the following photos:
Open 4+ in the sprint Victory 2 of the 3 freshmen in the Open 4+, Bargreen and Kavanagh Frosh 8 in the sprint
Victory Frosh Frosh Ernst and 2V's
2V's in the sprint 2V's V8 over the line Effort
Thank you Sean Mulligan for the following photos:
Number 1 Frosh Steward's Cup Familiar faces training for the U.S National Team;  Huskies Matt Deakin at 2, Sam Burns at 4 & Brett Newlin at 5
Open 4+ Frosh 8 2V8 Varsity

IRA Regatta Quotes

UW Freshman Eight and Open Four Crews Win National Championships :: Huskies place third in team standings at IRA regatta

Thank you Sean Mulligan (rowing shots) and Dan Lepse (team shots) for the photos -

Mike Callahan, Freshmen Coach - "We knew the field was strong.  It's been strong all year for us facing a Cal boat loaded with talent.  To come out here and finish the season like this is amazing.  These kids definitely deserve this.  Every day they came down to the boathouse committed to this, even after some tough outcomes earlier in the year.  It was that work ethic - that spirit - that got them to where they are right now..."


"The guys said it was easier today than any time before.  The whole focus in the last five weeks has been to stay in our boat, to focus on rowing as a unit.  As opposed to earlier races, where we shot out at a 47 and settled to a 37, today we started at 42 with length, settled to a 35-36, and just lengthened.  Wire to wire.  I told them last fall - I put it up on the white board in November - that if they were going to win out here, they would have to row a 5:39 with a tailwind.  They rowed a 5:38.8.  These are special kids - they really deserve this."

"One thing I want to say about the alums.  The momentum we are picking up from their efforts, the athletes that we are bringing here, could not have happened without their support.  It is a big deal to myself and to these kids to see the commitment on the part of the alums to keep our program at the top level..."


6/3 11:25 a.m. pdt - Cal wins the V8 trophy - Cal, Princeton, Harvard, Brown and Washington all bunched at 500 meters;  at 1,000 it was Princeton and Cal;  at 1,500 meters Cal was up by about three seats, with Washington and Harvard dropping back;  at the finish it was Cal blowing past Princeton in the sprint for an eight seat win, Brown sneaking through for the bronze about a third of a length back with Harvard, Washington, and Yale right there within a half length (all crews finished within 5 seconds of each other). 


6/3 10:15 a.m. pdt - Harvard wins 2V8 event, Washington 4th - was gaining on the field towards the end but falls a half length short of Wisco for the bronze...



6/3 9:50 a.m. pdt - Freshmen win National Championship - blew out to a lead at 500 meters and never relinquished - won by about a half length over Cal... more as it comes in...

6/3 8:05 a.m. pdt - Open 4+ wins National Championship - defeats Cal by a length

Dan Shapiro - first year coach of the 4+ - "They really did it.  The race went according to plan.  We learned off of our heat race where we went out too hot.  Today after about 300 meters, we were able to get into our race pace.  They were a little down to the field at that point, but midway through the 2nd 500 established themselves.  Cal put a move on at 1,000 but the guys just stayed steady and really began to move away after that..."



"The guys in this boat are a great story.  Peter Carlson (frosh) and Dustin Kraus (junior) rowed together in high school down in Sacramento, so it was a reunion of sorts for them.  Alan (Oriard) and Ricky (Bargreen) are excellent northwest athletes who never rowed before they came to Washington.   Our cox, Patrick (Kavanagh) is a freshman out of the Greenlake program.  The guys really came together as a team to commit and win this race..."

6/3 Results:  IRA Results

Camden weather - Camden, NJ Weather Forecast

Saturday 6/3 Schedule in pdf - 2006IRASaturdayRaceSchedule.pdf

Grand Final Appointments Await Washington Crews

Washington races, Saturday 6/3: 

Grand Finals Open 4+ Frosh 8 2V8 Varsity 8


Scheduled Time 10:42 a.m. edt 12:42 p.m. edt 1:09 p.m. edt 2:00 p.m. edt
Lane 1 Yale Washington Harvard Yale
2 Washington Cal Wisconsin Princeton
3 Cal Penn Yale Washington
4 Princeton Harvard Brown Cal
5 Wisconsin A Wisconsin Washington Brown
6 Wisconsin B Princeton Northeastern Harvard
7       NE or Syracuse*
        * Protest leads to Sat. morning row-off between these teams;  winner will take a seventh lane in the Grand Final   Note:  Protest dropped, both crews to Petite Final

6/2:  9:45 a.m. V8 results;   Heat 1:  Yale, Cal, Harvard advance to Grand;  Heat2:  Princeton, Washington, Brown advance to Grand;  Unofficial (via cell phone) results have Yale winning semi 1 over Cal with Harvard over Northeastern for 3rd/4th by fractions of a second.;  Princeton edging Washington by about one second in heat 2.

6/2 Results:  IRA Results

Camden weather - Camden, NJ Weather Forecast

Husky Crews Among Fastest in Heats at IRA Regatta

Friday 6/2 Schedule in pdf -  2006IRAFridayRaceSchedule.pdf.  Washington races listed below (note - Open 4+ has already qualified for Saturday's Grand Final by virtue of Thursday's heat win):

Event 2V8 - Rep #3 V8 - Semi #2 Frosh8 - Semi #2


Winner to Grand Final Top 3 to Grand Final Top 3 to Grand Final
Scheduled Time 11:48 edt 12:12 edt 1:12 edt;  updated for flood control - now slated for 3:25 edt
Lane 1 California Princeton Washington
2 Washington Brown Harvard
3 Cornell Washington Brown
4 Temple Wisconsin Wisconsin
5 Holy Cross Cornell Boston U.
6   Navy Yale

Q & A with Washington's Colin Phillips :: Senior rower talks with GoHuskies.com

UW rower discovers refuge on calm, still water

UW's Perrin Had To Learn New Language

Stanford will not compete in the V8 event:  Cardinal Crew Coach Claims Eastern Bias

6/1 Results:  IRA Results

UW Men Vie for National Rowing Titles :: Four Husky crews compete at IRA championships

Schedule (in pdf - preliminary):  2006PreliminaryIRARegattaSchedule.pdf

IRA seedings and 6/1 heat assignments:  (in pdf here - IRA2006SeedingandHeatAssignments.pdf)

Seed Varsity 8 2V8 Frosh 8
1 Princeton Harvard Cal
2 Cal Cal Washington
3 Harvard Washington Penn
4 Brown Yale Northeastern
5 Northeastern Wisconsin Harvard
6 Wisconsin Brown Wisconsin
7 Washington Northeastern Princeton
8 Yale Boston U. Yale
Thursday, 6/1 heats with seeded crews that include Washington: Heat 2 (7:48 a.m. edt scheduled start time) Heat 1 (9:24 a.m. edt scheduled start time) Heat 1 (8:36 a.m. edt scheduled start time)
  Cal Washington Washington
  Washington Yale Princeton
  Cornell Princeton Cornell
  1st and 2nd place finishers to Friday Semis, all others to Thurs afternoon reps 1st place automatically to Saturday final;  rest to Friday reps 1st and 2nd place finishers to Friday Semis, all others to Thurs afternoon reps


NCAA Championships

Thank you Mary Whipple for the following photos:

V4+ Final Day 2V8 Final Day V8 Team Meeting V8 Final Day
Andrea Sooter and Corianne Bowman V4+ 2V8 V8

May 28th recap - Recap - NCAA Sports.com

May 28th results - May 28th Results - NCAA Sports.com

Husky Rowers Place 7th at NCAA Championships :: All three UW crews finish in top-10 at women's regatta

Results - RONIN Racing: NCAA Finals

Varsity Four Advances to Grand Final at NCAA Regatta :: Women's varsity and second varsity eights narrowly miss grand final berths

May 27th recap - Recap - NCAA Sports.com

May 27th results - May 27 Results - NCAA Sports.com

2006 NCAA Regatta -- Day 1 Photo Gallery

UW Varsity Eight Wins Repechage, Advances to Semifinals :: Huskies set for Saturday at NCAA Regatta

May 26th recap - Recap - NCAA Sports.com

May 26th results - May 26 Results - NCAA Sports.com

HeraldNet: Crew turns into passion for Huskies' Armstrong

Schedule - Rowing Schedule - NCAA Sports.com

Q & A with Washington's Eva Anderson :: Senior coxswain talks with GoHuskies.com

One last row for Huskies senior

Information from PNRA, hosts of the NCAA's - Princeton International Regatta Association

NCAA coverage - Rowing - NCAA Sports.com

NCAA Team Points System - Reference for calculating team points

UW Women Receive NCAA Rowing Championships Berth :: Huskies one of three teams to qualify for every NCAA regatta


Thank you Kelsey Florence for the following photos:

Visualization Pre-Race Strategy Session Women's Frosh
WV4+ MV4+ Men's Frosh Power

Thank you Graham Unwin for the following photos:

Women's V4+ Men's Frosh Women's Frosh Women's 2V
Men's 2V Men's Varsity Women's Varsity Women's Varsity


Video links - thank you Dan Morken of Gold Medal Films:

Note: large QT files; even with broadband, give these some time to load:

Men's varsity:  http://www.goldmedalfilms.com/media/uw/pac10/2006/mv8pac102006.mov

Men's frosh:  http://www.goldmedalfilms.com/media/uw/pac10/2006/mf8pac102006.mov

Podcast (iTunes):


The Seattle Times: Huskies: NW Briefs: Second helpings for UW rowers

The Daily: Washington Finishes 2nd, 3rd

UW Men Second, Women Third in Pac-10 Crew Standings :: Four Husky crews register second-place performances

Q & A with Washington's Aljosa Corovic :: Junior rower talks with GoHuskies.com

Q & A with Washington's Marah Connole :: Senior rower talks with GoHuskies.com

Windermere Cup

Thank you Jameson Florence for the following photos:

Men's V4+ Women's V4+ Open Women's 8 Open Women's 8
Open Women's 8 Open Men's 8 Women Frosh Men Frosh
Women's 2V Men's 2V Women's V8 Women's V8
Women's V8 Women's V8 Commitment Men's V8
Men's V8 Russian men win... and celebrate...  
Commitment   2V 2V
Russia Cup sky high Russia Windermere Cup
Katelin prepares for launch Frosh Women dunk cox + one Adrian wins style points

Video:  Windermere Cup MV8 (WRF Video)




Additional video link (
Quicktime 7.0): GoldMedalFilms: 2006 Opening Day

Thank You Larry Vogel for the following photos:
  Men's Frosh Women's 2V Men's 2V
Men's 2V Women's Varsity Women's Varsity Women's Varsity
Men's Varsity Victory Husky Crew Men's 2v with the Erickson/Cascade Trophy
Women's 2V with the Erickson/Cascade Trophy 2006 Windermere Cup Champion Russian National Team - Women 2006 Windermere Cup Champion Russian National Team - Men Washington, Russia, Michigan


Slide Show from the Seattle Times - The Seattle Times: Opening Day Regatta

The Seattle Times:  Windermere Cup: Russian rowers glide to victory

The Seattle Times: Sports: Notebook: Visiting rowers give regatta high marks

The Seattle Times:  Opening Day bird's-eye view

HeraldNet: UW men have 5-race Windermere Cup win streak snapped

Russian National Teams Win Windermere Cup Trophies :: UW crews win eight races at Opening Day regatta

Q & A with Washington's Allison DePalma :: Senior rower talks with GoHuskies.com

Q & A with Washington's Scott Schmidt :: Senior rower talks with GoHuskies.com

The Seattle Times: Huskies: Rowers open hearts, closets for Windermere Regatta

HeraldNet: Russians want revenge in return to Montlake

Windermere Cup: Russia sends its best

5/5/06:  2006 Windermere Cup to have foreign flair

HeraldNet: Van Winkle takes his final Cut

Russians return for UW's annual Windermere Cup civic boating gala

Rower fights bigger battle

Windermere Cup: The perfect form

5/04/06:  The Seattle Times: Sports: UW rising to occasion for Windermere Cup Regatta

Huskies Host 20th Windermere Cup Regatta :: Russian national teams race Saturday on Montlake Cut

5/03/06:  Windermere Cup Fireworks Cancelled - nesting eagles and fireworks don't mix...

5/1/06:  HeraldNet: Coxswains like to get wet - great article featuring UW's Adrian Andrews, Sean Mulligan, and Eva Anderson

Russians Return for 20th-Annual Windermere Cup Regatta :: Elite field includes Russia, Michigan, Central Florida and UW


Cal/Washington Dual Race

M F8 W V4 Bob and Doc Mike and Erica

Photos:  Katie Gardner

All Golden Bears at California Dual

Bears Create Own Cal Day - The Daily Californian

UW Women Win Second Varsity Eight Race in Cal Dual :: Golden Bears win six of seven rowing events Saturday

Husky Crews Race Rival California :: West Coast rowing powers clash Saturday in Bay Area



Washington Crew wins 11 of 13 races at Quad Regatta :: UW men sweep all six of their races against Oregon State and Washington State

Some photos from the racing on the Cut April 8:

Men's V4+ Men's V4+ Women's 3V8 Women's 3V8
Women's Novice 8 Women's Novice 8 Men's 2V8 Men's 2V8
Video: Women's 2V8 Video: Men's V8 Video: Women's V8


Dan Morken has provided links to his site for some additional video.  Please note these are QuickTime files (will not play with Windows Media Player, but will play with Apple's latest QuickTime version 7.0) and are significantly larger (higher resolution up to 6 mb's per file/longer download) than standard video clips.  Worth the wait though for cable/dsl users who have QT 7.0.  Thank you Dan -

Women's 2V8 - http://www.goldmedalfilms.com/media/uw/jvw26apr.mov (use browser back button to return)

Men's V8 - http://www.goldmedalfilms.com/media/uw/osuvmen.mov (use browser back button to return)

Women's V8 - http://www.goldmedalfilms.com/media/uw/uwvswsuwomen.mov (use browser back button to return)

Row Back - http://www.goldmedalfilms.com/media/uw/procession.mov (use browser back button to return)


Husky Invitational

Some photos from the racing on the Cut April 1:

Junior Women 2V8 Men's Frosh 4 Men's Frosh 4 Men's Frosh 4
Women's Frosh 8 Women's Frosh 8 Junior Women V8 Junior Men V8
Women's V8 Women's V8 Women's V8 Women's V8
Husky Day Men's V8 Men's V8 Men's V8


Windermere Classic

UW Rowers Win 12 of 16 Races at Windermere Crew Classic :: Varsity eights each win two of three races

JAMCO - 2006 Windermere Collegiate Crew Classic Sunday Index

Sunday Morning (conditions calm and clear):

W2V:  Washington over Syracuse by 2 lengths +

M2V:  Washington over Stanford by 1 length +

WV8:  Washington over Syracuse by 2 lengths +

MV8:  Stanford over Washington by a length

MF8:  Washington over Penn by 2 lengths +

Women's Frosh 8:  Washington over Stanford by a length

UW Varsity Men and Women Win Morning Races at Windermere Classic :: Both Junior Varsity Crews Also Victorious

JAMCO - 2006 Windermere Collegiate Crew Classic Saturday Index

Saturday afternoon (unofficial):

WV8:  Ohio State over Washington by a half length

MV8:  Washington over Northeastern by about a length

W2V:  Washington over Ohio State by one length +

M2V:  Northeastern over Washington by a deck

Men's Frosh:  Washington over Cal Davis 2V's

Official Sat afternoon results - JAMCO - 2006 Windermere Collegiate Crew Official Results

Saturday Morning Results (unofficial):

WV8:  Washington over Boston U by about a length

MV8:  Washington over Penn by a length

W2V:  Washington over Boston U by 2 lengths +

M2V:  Washington over Cal Davis by 2 lengths

Women's Novice (frosh):  Cal over Washington 2 lengths +


Class Day

Here are the photos from a spectacular day in Seattle, a cruise and BBQ day if there ever was one.  And then there was the racing on the Cut...

Video:  Women's Seattle Times Trophy Race

Video:  Men's Varnell Trophy Race

Inspirational athletes Craig Tyler and Marrah Connole The bbq chow line Packed house Awards ceremony
Junior women Frosh men

Dave Slepyan photo
Stewards Pearce, Hansen and Hess practicing bbq safety. 
Peg Achterman photo
Packed house pt. 2
Junior women at 1,000 meters kicking it into gear.
Dave Slepyan photo
Men's race nearing 1,000...

  Dave Slepyan photo
Frosh and seniors within a deck the entire way... 

Dave Slepyan photo

Dave Slepyan photo
Junior women in the sprint...
Larry Vogel  photo

100 meters from glory
Larry Vogel  photo
Soph women enjoying a spectacular day
Larry Vogel  photo
Men's race
Larry Vogel  photo
Larry Vogel  photo
Class of '09 at the line
Larry Vogel  photo
Nice day for a swim
Norm Tennefoss  photo


Freshman Men, Junior Women Capture Husky Crew Class Day Trophies :: Men's Class of 2009 Earns First Freshman Victory Since 1947

Seattle P-I:  Freshmen Win 105th Class Day Regatta

Read about the last men to win Class Day as freshmen here - 1940's.

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