2004 Race Results

Note to readers: The information on this page was written in 2004. Unfortunately, over time, news sources will remove older articles, so you will find a number of dead-end links here, but all of the photos and information we wrote at the time remains in full!


Pictures from the IRA's, left to right:  The JV's with the Kennedy Cup;  The JV's crossing the line;  Evan Galloway receiving his third gold medal of the IRA's with his V4 teammates;  The Varsity after receiving their silver medals.  Thank you Dan Lepse -


The National Champion JV8, left to right: Ben Fletcher, Ian Harrison, Chris O'Brien, Ian Sawyer, Nick Hudson, Dusan Nikolic, Kyle Larson, Marko Petrovic, Matt Kopicky.  Dan Lepse photo.


The National Champion V4, left to right: Seth Berling, Colin Phillips, Jacob Pettit, Evan Galloway, Adrian Andrews, coach Colin Sykes.  Dan Lepse photo.



Post-Race Quotes

The Seattle Times: Sports: Huskies varsity eight finishes behind Harvard at nationals

Huskies Collect Two Golds and a Silver Medal at IRA Regatta :: JV eight and varsity four win national titles, varsity eight places second

row2k Coverage: 2004 IRA Regatta

Note:  The men will be off-loading the shells Tuesday 6/8 at 4:00 p.m. - Bob invites all friends, parents and alums to come down and visit with the guys during that time.

From Bob:  "The guys did a heckuva job today.  It wasn't exactly how we had it planned out, but I am not disappointed at all.  The JV's and the four had great races, really laid it down.  The varsity guys gave it everything they had, but Harvard is a faster crew.  They showed that today.  But in a scenario like this where you have only one goal - to win - I'm watching that race at the end thinking I hope somebody doesn't come back and pick us off.  It shows the character of our guys to not let that happen.  I am really proud of this whole team."

11:10 a.m. pdt: Harvard pulls away from the pack to win the IRA Varsity Eight event by open water;  Washington places second, California third.

10:20 a.m. pdt:  With a strong move at 1000 meters, the JV8 moved out in front for good and completed an undefeated season with a 3/4 length win over Harvard for the National Championship.

8:15 a.m. pdt:  Down 2 seats to GWU, the V4+ put on a solid mid-race move to win the gold by almost a length.  More as it comes available.

8:00 a.m. pdt:  Course conditions are ugly.  A strong headwind is going to make the times today significantly longer today than on Thursday or Friday.

Other results:  Varsity Pair finishes second in the Petite Final, Freshmen Eight finish second in the 3rd level final.

Results:  2004 IRA Regatta Results.

Current weather for Camden: weather.com - Camden NJ.

The Seattle Times: Sports: Huskies boats reach finals

Northwest Colleges: Huskies' top crews seek IRA titles today

As of 9pm edt 6/4 (the schedule can sometimes change on race day due to weather),  the schedule for the finals in which Washington will compete Saturday, 6/5:

8:54 a.m. edt, 5:54 a.m. Pacific:  Frosh Eight 3rd Final - Michigan, Washington, Oregon State, St. Joseph's, Georgetown, Hobart

9:50 a.m. edt, 6:50 a.m. Pacific:  Varsity Pair Petite Final - Harvard, Boston University, Florida Tech, Washington, Washington University, Princeton

10:50 a.m. edt, 7:50 a.m. Pacific:  Varsity Four Grand Final - St. Joseph's, GWU, Michigan, Washington, Harvard, Hobart

1:09 p.m. edt, 10:09 a.m. Pacific:  Junior Varsity Eight Grand Final - Minnesota, Cal, Washington, Navy, Harvard, Cornell

2:00 p.m. edt, 11:00 a.m. Pacific:  Varsity Eight Grand Final - Dartmouth, Cal, Washington, Harvard, Navy, Princeton

From the starting line of the Semi's on Friday, left to right top row:  V2-, V8, V8, V4;  left to right bottom row:  JV8, JV8, F8.   Thank you Gints -


UW Men's Three Varsity Boats All Win Semifinal Races :: Trio of Husky crews to race for national championships Saturday

V8, JV8, V4 all take care of business and win their semi's - 2004 IRA Regatta Results.

The Seattle Times: Sports: National championships: Huskies varsity men move to IRA semis

Northwest Colleges: UW varsity crews advance

row2k Coverage: 2004 IRA Regatta

All Three UW Varsity Crews Win Heats at IRA Regatta :: Varsity eight, JV and varsity four boats advance to Friday's semifinals

2004 IRA Regatta Results - V8, JV8, V4 all advance to tomorrow's semis;  2-, Frosh8 to Reps.

The Seattle Times: Sports: 5 crews ready for IRA regatta

UW men's varsity eight seeks first IRA win in seven years

row2k Coverage: 2004 IRA Regatta

UW Men Vie for National Rowing Titles :: Huskies travel to New Jersey for IRA Championship Regatta

Here are some pictures of the guys on the Cooper River running some 2 minute pieces with the U.S. National Team 5/31 - thank you Gints -


The seedings and selected teams for the heats have been set:


Varsity Eight

2nd Varsity Eight

Freshman Eight




Harvard (1)

 Washington (2)

 California (3)

Princeton (4)

 Navy (5)

 Northeastern (6)


Oregon State (8)

Harvard (1)

 Washington (2)

 Cornell (3)

 Wisconsin (4)

 California (5)

 Brown (6)

Princeton (7)

Navy (8)

Harvard (1)

California (2)

Brown (3)

 Princeton (4)

Cornell (5)


 Yale (7)

Stanford (8)

Men's Varsity Eights Selected Crews:

Heat A

Heat B

Heat C

Heat D





Oregon State




 2nd Varsity Eight Seeded Crews Heat Assignments 

Heat A

Heat B

Heat C

Heat D









Men's Freshman Eights Selected Crews 

Heat A

Heat B

Heat C

Heat D











From Sean Mulligan, women's assistant coach and coach of the V4+: "This whole event has provided a good experience for this team.  This is a young group of athletes and they needed to know what it is like to race and compete at this level..."

"The varsity four had a great race - they really showed up for the final, and saved their best row of the year for the end.  I am really proud of them."

UW Women's Varsity Collects Silver Medal at NCAA Regatta :: Varsity eight wins petite final, Huskies are fifth in team standings

Update 12:20:  Our calculations (NCAA Points) have Washington taking home fifth place in the team standings behind Brown (gold in the V8 and JV8, bronze in the V4), Yale, Michigan and Cal.  That for one of the youngest teams (4 freshmen in the JV boat, 2 freshmen in the Varsity) out there bodes very well for the Huskies in years to come.  Congratulations Huskies for an impressive team performance!

Update 12:00:  A gritty performance by the V8 to win the Petite Final secures 18 more points for the Huskies and puts them ahead of Virginia and Harvard for overall team points. 

Update 11:30:  The JV8 has finished sixth in their Grand Final - the V4 has finished second and will take home NCAA silver - the team is effectively out of the medals now for the team trophy;  Yale, Cal and Brown will now duke it out, with Brown owning the inside track after an impressive win in the JV event and a third place finish in the four.  More as it comes in -

Update 9:30:  The Varsity will race in the Petite Final at 11:45 a.m. - JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships Race Report # 308.  The odds may be stacked against this team but they are not out of the team medals.  Strong performances in the four and JV8 can put them in a position to sneak in to the top three - keep an eye here - NCAA Points.

The JV8 will race in their Grand Final at 11:15 - JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships Race Report # 307

5/30 - Check in at 10:45 a.m. and watch the V4 race in their final at JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships Race Report V4 Grand Final!

The Seattle Times: Sports: UW women don't make grand final

Good article here at Row2k on the race (3rd paragraph down describes the V8 race) - row2k Coverage: 2004 NCAA Rowing Championships

UW Varsity Four Advances to Grand Final of NCAA Regatta :: JV eight & varsity four to row in grand finals, varsity eight in petite final

11:00 - The V8 came within a fraction of third place in a photo finish at the end of their semi-final.  Here's the race - JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships Race Report # 208.

5/29 9:55 - The V4 just completed a comeback win in their repechage to advance to tomorrow's final - here's the race by split from Jamco - JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships Race Report # 204.

Here are the V8 semi-final match-ups for tomorrow:  Heat 1 - USC, Notre Dame, Yale, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio State;  Heat 2 - Harvard, Cal, Washington, Princeton, Brown, Tennessee.  We're trying to minimize the commentary here but suffice it to say Heat 2 will be a barn burner.  Watch the races tomorrow at JAMCO;  specifically Heat 2 of the varsity event scheduled for 10:45 a.m. here ---> JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships Race Report # 208.  The V4 will race in the repechage at 9:45 and you can watch that race live here ---> JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships Race Report # 204.  Note - the JV8 advanced to Sunday's final and will not race on Saturday.

5/28 - All Husky boats advanced today, including a youthful JV squad that went wire to wire to win their heat, and solid showings by both the V8 and V4, finishing second in their heats.   Given the overall results today - some expected, some not - the team competition looks wide open come Sunday.

UW Junior Varsity Earns Grand Final Berth at NCAA Regatta :: All three Husky crews advance through national championship heats

Row2k has excellent coverage here:  2004 NCAA Rowing Championships

Follow the races in real time at JAMCO - 2004 NCAA Rowing Championships Results Index (5/25)

NCAA Regatta on Deck for UW Women's Crew :: Huskies travel to Sacramento for national championships (5/25)

Remember to refer to this page when calculating the team points on Sunday - NCAA Points. (5/25)

The Washington Women's team has received a full team bid to the NCAA's - congratulations Huskies - Here's more:

UW Women Receive NCAA Rowing Championships Berth :: Huskies compete May 28-30 in Rancho Cordova, California

NCAA Sports.com-Rowing


Some terrific pictures of the races at Sacramento: Left to right top row:  The JV's in their final;  the V4 rowing to the win in their final;  the freshmen battling it out with OSU; the varsity in their first heat.  All of the bottom pictures are of the Varsity final - all pictures by Mike Modlin - thank you Mike.


A few more team shots - thank you Buckland family -

The varsity team - V8, JV8, V4 - with the hardware - congratulations Huskies!



The Pac-10 Champion JV's, left to right:  Chris O'Brien, Ian Harrison, Ben Fletcher, Dusan Nicolik, Ian Sawyer, Marko Petrovic, Kyle Larson, Nick Hudson, Matt Kopicky.  



The Pac-10 Champion Varsity, left to right:  Martin Rogulia, Giuseppe Lanzone, Andy Derrick, Sam Burns, Brett Newlin, Scott Gault, Scott Schmidt, Brodie Buckland, Greg King.  Photo courtesy Dan Lepse.


Here are some shots of the women racing on Sunday, 5/16.  The top four are of the women's varsity in the final;  the first three of the bottom row are the Pac-10 Champion V4, and the final shot is of the JV's lacing in on their way to the start.  Photos courtesy the Buckland family.  Also thank you Sean -



Here's a sequence of shots from Kathy Derrick that pretty much sums up the last 100 meters of the men's varsity race at the Pac-10's - thank you Kathy -

UW men's varsity eight wins Pac-10 championship

The Seattle Times: Sports: UW men's crew overcomes Cal at Pac-10 race

The UW Daily Online

Here's your Pac-10 Champion Varsity - left to right:  Martin Rogulia, Giuseppe Lanzone, Andy Derrick, Sam Burns, Brett Newlin, Scott Gault, Scott Schmidt, Brodie Buckland, Greg King.  Photo courtesy Dan Lepse.

UW Men Sweep Varsity Races, Win Pac-10 Team Title :: Husky crews win four of eight events at conference regatta

Watch the live splits at Jamco:  JAMCO - 2004 Pac-10 Rowing Championships Index of Results

Pre-race articles:  The Seattle Times: Sports: UW, Cal renew rowing rivalry today

Pac-10 Championships Up Next for UW Rowers :: Huskies travel to Sacramento for Sunday's conference regatta

Oregon State Dual

Here's the article:  UW Crews Sweep all 12 Races at Oregon State :: Pac-10 Championships up next for Husky rowers


Opening Day/Windermere Cup

Read about it at: UW Crews Win 9 of 10 Windermere Cup Events :: Huskies row to victories in two featured races

UW Wins 9 of 10 at Windermere Cup

HeraldNet: Huskies grab Windermere Cup

Huskies Send Rowdy Crowd Home Happy

The Seattle Times: Sports: Windermere Cup: Record crowd cheers Huskies to victory


The men's frosh over favored OSU.   Women's varsity. Men's varsity.
  The varsity salutes the Steward's Enclosure.    


Here are some early articles:

UW alum views Cup with worldly eyes

The Seattle Times: Sports: Huskies looking to renew credentials

Tribnet.com - Husky Crew

HeraldNet: Larry Henry - Sports Columnist

The UW Daily Online

UW coxswain battles in and out of shell

Windermere Cup: Chasing equality, stroke by stroke

The Seattle Times: Sports: Windermere Cup keeps international flair

Huskies Host 18th Annual Windermere Cup Regatta :: Opening Day races start at 10:20 a.m. on Montlake Cut

The Seattle Times: Sports: New faces of Huskies crew are delivering

Scramble in UW shell

Cal Dual

Pictures of the Men's varsity and JV races - thank you Kathy Derrick!

The varsity with about 100 meters left.   The varsity near the line.  
The varsity after putting on the brakes. The JV's pull away on the sprint.   The JV's celebrate victory.


The victorious Varsity 8 holding the Schoch Cup, back row from left, Giuseppe Lanzone, Andy Derrick, Sam Burns, Brett Newlin, Martin Rogulia, Brodie Buckland;  front, left to right:  Scott Schmidt, Greg King, Scott Gault.  Photo courtesy Brett Newlin.


Here's the article from GoHuskies with times: UW Wins Top Two Men's Races at Cal Dual Regatta :: Husky women's novice crew also victorious in Bay Area


4/24 11:30 a.m. - The Washington Men's Varsity and JV have defeated California at Redwood Shores.  Sources say the Varsity won by about a length - more as it comes in.

Mid-Spring Practice

 Here are a few pictures from the 4/23 morning practice:


Wisconsin Dual

A picture tells a thousand words - congratulations to the Badgers for a solid win on the Cut to win the "W" trophy for the second straight year.




San Diego Crew Classic


Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Cal sweeps San Diego rowing competition

The Seattle Times: UW women can't get by Cal

UW JV Men & Novice Women Win Crew Classic Titles :: Huskies win two of six championships in San Diego

You can see the splits of all of the races here - San Diego Splits - Jamco.

A couple of articles of interest:  The Seattle Times: San Diego Classic: Coxswain steers comeback course.

All Six UW Crews Advance in San Diego :: Huskies race in Grand Finals Sunday at Crew Classic

UW crew pulls together


Class Day

Here's the article:  Senior Crews Claim Class Day Championships, and a few pictures of the Class Day BBQ and awards.

Thank you to the friends and alums who flipped burgers or otherwise helped make the cruise and BBQ a success:  Mark and Carol Miller ('78), Ellen Ernst ('83), Doc Slepyan, George Teasdale ('77), Jim Pugel ('81), Kris Lethin ('96), Bill Pearce ('74), Dwight Phillips ('71), Dee Walker ('71), Kevin Hansen ('82), Al Erickson ('82), Peg Achterman ('82), Al Forney ('82), Eric Cohen ('82), the Washington Rowing Stewards and the Washington Rowing Foundation!

And here are some pictures of the races and events, including the christening of the Irma Erickson and the Jan Harville.  Thank you Peg Achterman for the photos! (click on the picture to expand).



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